A Pre-shot routine? Do I need one?

I never used to have one when I was hacking around the course a couple of years ago, but after having lessons and now playing at a reasonable standard it has helped me no end. Don’t get me wrong, I often fall foul of not sticking to it but in nervous situations it’s the best thing!

My pre-shot routine is:

1) stand behind the ball
2) pick a target
3) visualise the shot
4) practice swing
5) swing smoothly through the ball.

The US Army use a term called SOP? Standard Operating Procedure.  The definition is ”Instructions to achieve uniformity of performance” basically in laymen’s terms, CONSISTENCY. Something you can’t buy from American Golf or E-bay but what every golfer wants….

That’s what a pre-shot routine is in golf…something to repeat to ensure we are consistent. If people in the military have worked out that the mind needs a routine to hold on to, in life or death situations, then it’s probably fair to say that if you can develop an effective pre-shot routine in your golf game, it can only help!

Put it this way…if you see me playing on Friday I will definitely be conducting my pre-shot routine. How many times do you hear a golfer say “I rushed that” or “ I wasn’t concentrating” ….you won’t hear me say that this weekend!

Tell me what your pre-shot routine is? It’s good to hear other people’s opinions.

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