Beware the injured Golfer(s) – 4 Ball Better Ball Review

As the message came into our group last night from Matt saying “does anyone want to write some words about todays round” I thought I’d better volunteer because I knew in that single sentence that Matt had certainly had more than enough of this weekends golf…

We’d not discussed the review all day. There was not really a good time to bring it up to be honest. We were in the heat of a competition and I think if we’d mentioned the word Review to Matt in the afternoon he’d have spontaneously combusted.  Matt’s slicer name is all wrong now, as his swing has improved so much, but now his Google box over the coming week will look a little like the below as he will start to focus on conquering those mental  demons he described last week and begins readying himself for next weeks Medal.


It was the Belinda Cup at our golf club. A 36 hole 4 ball better ball competition. 3/4 Handicap pairs. Matt and Paul were beaten last time we faced up against Stu and Neal and with a Broken thumb (Neal) and a gammy leg (Stu) we were confident. It wasnt about beating eachother though, more about posting a good score in the comp.

A windy morning round began at 7:45 where Matt started like a train, securing a par and then a birdie on the first two holes which put he and I 3 under par. Excellent! A lip out par putt from me on the third meant our first dropped shot. I redeemed myself with back to back birdies on the 4th and 5th and we were suddenly 5 under.

Neal and Stu started carefully, both concerned about their injuries and swinging a little to cautiously but plotting their way around. Neal brought the extremely sexy Cobra Amp Cell driver just 18 hours beforehand and you wouldn’t have known it was new to his bag (review coming soon).

We all steadied up and started playing some golf. A couple more birdies from Matt and I after the turn helped get us to 7 under and a steady back nine from the other two meant they clambered back to somewhere near level. A great effort considering the very slow start.

A 61 was on the leaderboard so at half time Matt and I were pretty well placed at two off the lead. A pint of coke and a ham egg and chips was welcome at the break but as we walked back to the tee it felt like the tide had turned, the wind got up even more and it became cold enough for Stu and I to don a beanie hat.

We stood and watched our club champion, and two other scratch teamers have their balls whipped left by a 25-30kph cross wind on the first so knew it was a hole where a bogey would be a good score. Matt was already mentally beaten by the wind (his days as a slicer meant the wind is not his friend), but did nail a beautiful drive down the centre. Neal and I both drained decent putts for 4′s and a happy group moved on to the second. Into the teeth of the wind. A bogey from me and a bogey from Neal meant we’d negotiated the first two very successfully. A couple of pars on the third followed by solid pars and net pars on the 4th and 5th meant Neal and Stu were picking up shots and Matt and I were still in a good position.

A terrible Sergio Garcia style 3 hole run with no shots from Matt and I meant we dropped 5 shots. This flicked a switch with Matt and probably trying a little too hard our challenge realistically ended here. Neal and Stu however continued on with their comeback and posted probably one of the best afternoon scores. A hole in one from our clubs best player was the highlight as many groups NR’d as the wind got stronger and the rain began. Luckily we were in, just in time!

Neal and Stuart did enough in round two to level the scores with us as both teams finished on a very respectable 5 under. The smooth / purposefully slowed down swings of Neal and Stu were a lesson to us all. Like the Hare and the Tortoise… Slow and steady (very almost) won the race!

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Paul is a golf nut who is desperate to reduce his handicap further and get close to those magic numbers in category 1. Working hard on his game when time permits he's hoping to see some marked improvement in 2016. Watch this space
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