Bombtech Grenade Driver – Our Thoughts, a month on!

So, we received our Bombtech Grenade driver just over a month ago now and its time to give you our official take on this Bomber!

Our initial thoughts can still be found here Bombtech Grenade Driver – Initial thoughts and we’ll release any updates and information as we go.  We’ve got a few people waiting to borrow the driver and plenty of hype surrounding the other great looking equipment that the Bombtech gang from the US is producing.


Just the short time it took to come over from the States got us pretty excited, we’d read all we could and were really looking forward to putting the Grenade through its paces.  If you want to find out more about the technology and process that have gone in to making the Grenade then click here.

We’ve taken this driver to the range a fair few times now, taken it to multiple courses and let a fair collection of our friends and golfing acquaintances give it a whack.  Whack is definitely the right word.  Even with the stiff shaft we asked for in ours (others are available) the truth is we’ve not seen it fail in anybody’s hands.  True, some have hit it miles, others not quite so far, but no-one has disliked it, no-one has said it doesn’t feel good, and everyone has wanted to know more!

The headline is that the Bombtech Grenade quite simply has got something! We cant exactly put our finger on it.  We all know that millions are spent by the big boys each year developing driver after driver to ultimately deliver more distance and control and were obviously skeptical about a new comer!

We guess that physics are physics, and when combined with good maths and quality engineering it is quite obviously possible to compete with the brand names.  It seems to us that the quality of the design and build process coupled with the high degree of engineering all combine to deliver a club that feels solid, has great weighting and delivers a really explosive ball flight.

Matt’s had it in his bag for the best part of March and still stands by his thoughts from our initial review review.  He was impressed from the off.  The solid feel really doing it for him compared to his R11 Driver from TaylorMade.  The Bombtech has certainly made sure that Matt is questioning his current ‘big dog’.

One of the most common themes among drivers these days is the adjust-ability.  This is something the Grenade doesn’t have and we think this is a plus point in reality.  It stops you fiddling, stops you wondering if its set-up right for you and stops you tweaking.  It allows you to wander up and give it a swing.  The weighting and the aerodynamics seem to do the rest in terms of getting the club back to the ball, and then the face gives it a rapid nudge in the right direction.

The quality of finish in all aspects is great.  The paintwork is crisp, the lines are nice and the shaft is a cool design to match the appealing head.  No faults on its appearance what so ever!  In terms of appeal, the matt black finish is something we saw from Ping a few years back and is great.  The glare from the sun, or driving range lights can really put you off!

To be honest we’ve been hard pressed to find anything wrong with this club. It was packaged great on arrival. Has a lovely quality head cover (which unlike many we feel will still be looking great after months of use).  The driving range action and the action on our links course have only left miniscule marking on the face, so we again can safely say that the black face on the driver is also going to retain its good looks.

We’ve had a our Bombtech Driver for a few weeks now and it’s been fun and long.  It’s been everything it promised it would be and we can happily state that this is a club that will not let you down. We’ve all enjoyed using it, Matt’s still trying to convince us that it should stay in his bag and it performed superbly against the major players on a trackman device (even without fitting) – View our results here Driving Range – Trackman (including the Bombtech)

We may well be arguing over who gets to keep it.  We’re certainly looking forward to more full rounds with it.

Buy with confidence from the Bombtech website and make sure you follow the team on social media to find out about their latest equipment.  We’re fairly certain that you’ll be buying into top quality in design, build and results!

Watch now to find out more about this fantastic club.

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