BombTech Grenade Driver Review / Initial Thoughts!

So, we’ve received our BombTech Grenade driver all the way from the USA and were extremely eager to test it out.

This week, we weren’t playing at our home course, we had been invited to another local course, Hill Barn Golf Club, to have a round and review it (review coming shortly). I am currently in the market for a new driver, so I agreed to test drive it for the round.

I collected in from Paul the night before the round, so Neal and myself could take it to our local driving range and test it against my current driver, a TaylorMade R11 rather than hitting it for the first time out on the course. From the very first hit I was impressed! Recently with my R11, I have been tending to fade the ball slightly and on other occasions even slicing it. My first hit with the Grenade felt very sweet. It wasn’t the cleanest strike, but the ball flight didn’t show it.

I hit a few more balls and they were getting better each time. It was safe to say I was impressed. At first I wasn’t sure how the club was going to perform, as most golfers tend to stick with the larger manufacturers for safety, but anyone wanting to get a driver that has no gimmicks and they won’t spend half their life tampering with to ‘try’ and find the perfect settings will find the Grenade a perfect club. I have spent a lot of time changing the settings on my R11 in the few years I’ve had it and I’m still not totally satisfied with they configuration.

You can quickly tell that a lot of attention to the finer details have gone in to this club, to make it easy to pick up and use no matter what your level of golf is. This is also a very forgiving club, so even if it isn’t the perfect hit, you will still see a better result, which in turn helps to increase confidence on the course and ultimately, reduce your score.

The next day out on the course, I was hitting the driver really well and it felt very comfortable. I did let the others have a go a couple of times, but it remained in my bag for the duration.

If you wanted to find out more about the technology and process that have gone in to making this incredible driver, then click here –

Will will be doing a full text and video review soon and will add more pictures of us with the Grenade once the weather improves and we can do some proper outdoor testing and comparisons.

I look forward to really putting it through its paces against the array of drivers we have between us and seeing if the Grenade can keep up with the big boys. I’m quietly confident it can!

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