BREAKING NEWS! Golf Fashion is as important as Equipment! (Clothing Partnership with BUNKER MENTALITY)

3MIB now clothing partner of Bunker Mentality

Image itself is a critical element for many golfers these days, not just those on the tour.

Could we go as far as to suggest that golf clothing is now almost as important as the clubs you place in your bag?

Contentious? Maybe, but irrespective of what you think of that statement you only have to walk into a golf shop these days to see that the majority of the space second only to clubs in many cases is taken up by clothing, plenty of it, plenty of brands and plenty of colours…

Golf pushing the boundaries of fashion is not a new thing, over 100 years ago golfers wore plus fours – not something they’d wear down the shops but for some reason on the golf course you could get away with it.

The biggest changes however have occurred over the last decade or so with the introduction of sponsorship and regular televised events.  Sports and fashion brands now work extremely hard to get their products onto top players backs, to get their clothing noticed, endorsed and subsequently into the cupboards of us regular golfers.

B< showroomHere at 3MIB we are always on the lookout for that something special, that deal, that product or that bit of news we think helps us become better at providing you fresh and exciting content, or gives you something different to add to your golf game.

However, when we started our website one of the most important things to us was its image and our image as we work to improve our profile and that of those companies who partner with and support us moving forward. We trawled the world of golf to find a brand who’s values matched ours, a brand we felt that our readers would appreciate and a brand who are continually looking to develop exciting products.

This is why we made contact with and feel very lucky to announce that we have developed a partnership with the guys from Bunker Mentality.

The partnership will see us working online to bring you the latest news and some exclusive 3MIB offers, as well as offline promoting the brand wherever we venture as a golf team.

logo bunker mentality

So who are Bunker Mentality?

There is no-one better to describe them than the guys themselves, so here is an extract from the Bunker Mentality website.

Bunker Mentality is a brand for golf addicts, people with a love of the great game and who have a different mentality. Our clothing is designed without compromise for a ‘Playa’ who has an individual personality and lifestyle and is looking for a new level of taste and substance in golf apparel. Our love of golf means we are more than just a product company as everything we do is designed to celebrate the great game and encourage more people to take part. Bunker Mentality is a reflection of our own and our customers golf life style and ‘mentality’.

Our clothing has a strong modern and fashion forward spirit that can be worn from ‘first tee to last orders’. Attention to detail in our products is critical in achieving our mission of ‘creating new traditions’ and ‘future classics’ in golf.

We love to take things from popular culture and ‘golfize’ them, which is why all you ‘mutha putta’s’ are reading this. We are pushing open the envelope whilst not compromising golf etiquette, but full on with our own style creating a new wave of golf culture.bunker mentality polos

Hopefully you can see exactly why 3MIB and Bunker Mentality have decided to work together and over the coming months you’ll see us review the products from the latest and brand new ranges as well as images of us looking extra smart out on and course, and just as importantly, taking those ‘golf’ clothes off the golf course and into mainstream life too.  We’ll also bring you the latest offers and deals, which let’s face it, keep us all happy!

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