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tourtruckThis evening we were lucky enough to spend some time with the Tour Truck rep at American Golf in Rustington.

I for one have never really been able to warrant spending vast sums of money on golf gear so have never really been fitted for my irons and drivers.   I’ve never been for a club check or had an expert guide me through a process like I did last night.

Just 30 mins with a fitter, along with another hour watching him toy with Stu and Matt and I’m now of the conclusion that I’ve spent time and money and probably wasted many a shot using equipment which is not perfect for me.

In my quest to get down to 3-4 this year I need help. I need a couple of lessons to eliminate the odd block that’s developed over the winter and I need the right set up in my bag so my dispersion and flight on the long clubs is better. I need setting up!

I’ve enjoyed trading up and down on eBay and have found a set of clubs I like. But are they right for me? Luckily it seems they are close.

My irons are solid they are what they are to an extent, but after yesterdays chats I have decided to book in a fitting session to check the lofts and lies etc… and have promised myself that I will have mine adjusted to fit me 100% if they are not there already.

But for me I am convinced if I can lose less balls from the tee (I dont have a major problem with this but it happens), hit more fairways, and be further up them the rest will look after itself.

The track man device was turned on, the iPad ready and I hit 8-10 balls with my Titleist 910 D3 driver. A small discussion later and a tweak on the head it was slightly better. But the fitter confidently placed a 913 D3 in my hand and asked me to hit that. Same settings and a few strikes yielded an extra 12 yards of carry and an extra 9 yards overall. The club head speed was down but ball speed was up and spin rate up by over 1000 which was ok but somewhere in the middle was the aim. There was something there!

The next thing was to change the shaft. The Phenom RIP came into play and a bunch of strikes later we had a club which was going 17 yards longer on the fly and 19 yards longer overall. Spin rate was also up 500 from the 910 – this was helping the consistency.

Launch and smash were consistent across everything I tried.

Bigger distance is great yes, but dispersion was key. I am fighting a fade right now after making big changes to remove a hook last year. I’m happy with a safe fade but not a bad block.  But with over 17y dispersion on the 910 which dwindled down to 5.5y with the 913 and the Phenom shaft the numbers were starting to look good. That and an extra 20 yards speaks entirely for itself.

Possible Game Changer??

I also hit a few balls with the new BombTech Grenade (not part of the salesmans bag), Nike Covert and the new Callaway Big Bertha.  The BombTech took many first prizes in the table I have added below.  And it will be a tough decision between that and the 913.   I’ve also probably got to wrestle if from Matt if I do want it.  The Callway was only hit twice and the Nike head didn’t look right to me at address. I love the Titleist’s feel and look as I am a Titleist boy, but the Grenade has thrown a spanner in the works.

One thing to be aware of when seeing custom fitters which are part of shops is that they want you to buy clubs.  And so they should.  Especially when they are doing the fitting for free like this one.  They are putting in big money and have their time, skills and machinery to pay for.  They know there stuff so listen to them. The fact that in minutes they can have you visually hitting the ball better and further speaks for itself.

flightscope image

However, a couple of things to watch if you book a session (we only had 30 mins) is to ensure you remove all of your bad strikes, or leave them all in for all clubs. Have a good warm up and hit the same amount of balls. Or hit 10 with each club / shaft type and pick the best 5.  Then ensure you have all your questions answered.  If you really want to not feel like you are being sold to, just book it with a pro and fit yourself out from there.

I think if I’d hit the 910 in the middle of the others it would have performed better. I also would like to have placed the Phenom RIP shaft which worked so well in the 913 into my 910.

Paul Trackman results Bombtech V3Do I hunt down a Phenom for my 3 wood and for my Driver, or bite the bullet and go straight to the till and buy a 913 D3 Driver with the right shaft in it from new…. Or, do I get hold of our freinds in America at Bombtech and add a second Bombtech to our collection.

Decisions to make….

Thoughts well and truely appreciated


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