Don’t put up with anything that isn’t quite right – Change it, Change it NOW!!

6 Weeks ago I wrote about the chance I had to have a set of True Tempers shafts into my irons (read my initial review here).  I spent a few years with my Taylor Made hat on and plodded down to my 8/9 Handicap.  But earlier this year I set myself a goal to get to 7 this summer and knew there were some changes I needed to make to get there.

People always told me my swing was nice enough, and I knew I could do it, but felt something was stopping me.   I needed to adjust or remove everything which didnt feel right. Earlier in the year I invested in some new Titleist irons (covered in my trading up article), then I followed that quickly with a Titleist 910 driver and 3 wood.

Its these clubs which made me happy with my set, happy enough to make a real decision that this summer was going to be a moving summer for my handicap.  I decided I was going to standardise my ball to the Pro V1 and then start on my main problem.  The hook. A lesson with my pro confirmed my grip was strong, but we tried to work with it.  Well, I did for 3 weeks anyway.  A hook is debilitating, you can loose balls and 2 shots far quicker with a hook than you can with a fade.  So I set about changing my grip to deliver a fade or a straight ball flight.  It took a few weeks and some real range time, but sooner than I thought it started to come together and I won a weekend golf competition with friends.

This was all good news, but on easier courses than the windy links at Littlehampton.  My new found confidence was a little hit as I had a few tough early summer rounds.  I still didn’t feel I was there with my equipment and decided to make some further tweaks. Firstly the decision that I was no longer going to put up with the standard size grips on my irons and plump for the 4 layers of tape that I’d become accustomed to over the last set of irons.  I made contact with a friend in the business and was offered the chance to test the True Temper shafts and with that some of the A-Tac Grips.

I instantly loved the feel of the new shafts and indeed the grips.  2 further things off my mind.  And two less things to get in my head.

Things were starting to feel good.  I then decided it was time to remove yet another decision from my mind.  By upgrading the GPS watch and heading for Bushnells V2 Tour rangefinder.  I now just have to get the number and hit what I think will get there.

So now I know my Titleist clubs are one of the best sets around, the 3 wood is my go to tee club, the driver is there if I really fancy a smash, the irons have a great set of responsive progressive shafts in, the balls are of the highest quality and consistency, I know my yardages to anywhere on the course and what is left is just to stand up and swing it.  Then ENJOY it.

Sounds simple really doesn’t it.  For me its worked.  I now truly feel that I can par every hole I play, and if I make an error I am sure I can get it back.  Golf feels good right now and my decision to stop putting up with items which were not quite right is fundamental to me beating my handicap goal for this summer.

Bring on 2014!!

And don’t put up with anything you think is holding you back.

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Paul is a golf nut who is desperate to reduce his handicap further and get close to those magic numbers in category 1. Working hard on his game when time permits he's hoping to see some marked improvement in 2016. Watch this space
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