Funny golf stories…

We’ve been asked by Betfair to provide our funniest golfing story.

We put our heads together to find our favourite, but we eneded up coming up with 2.

1. From Paul and Stu

My story begins a few years ago when one day Stu and I decided we’d involve the ladies in our life with our passion for golf. After a round we challenged them to a crazy golf putting competition at Norfolk Gardens in Littlehampton.

There is a ship there with an elevated portion and a large drop down to the cup. Stu was over the other side as I took my putt. I was putting with a trusty little Pro V thinking it was a sensible thing to do. When I putted the ball hard up the ship it caught a block of wood, bounced in the air and donked Stu right on the head. A lump came almost as fast as the laughing from me and the girls.

Stu was not so impressed – especially as this was just one week after I’d caught him full pelt with a 3 wood in the kidney after a skinny slice from the rough (which we’d only been discussing moments before).

Morel of the story here is to use the correct ball at crazy golf. They are dead and low bounce for a reason. We’ve not been back since, and Stu is still waiting to ‘accidently’ get his own back.

2. From Matt & Neal

For our story, we have to go back just a few short years, to when Neal and myself both started playing golf at Littlehampton Golf Club with Paul.

We had played a few initial rounds with him to get used to the course and to find our feet with being members of a golf club. After our initiation, we started to join up with a few other members, that Paul played with on a regular basis and split off in to 2 groups. Neal and myself were to play with an older gentleman everyone called ‘Jumbo’.

We were having a good round, the weather was nice considering it was a day in early November and we were getting on with Jumbo really well.

We all hit our tee shots down the 15th hole at Littlehampton Golf Club, which has a rife running up the right hand side of it. I went first and put my tee shot in the middle of the fairway. Neal went next and his was to the right, but stayed out of the water. Next it was Jumbo’s turn. He hit his worst tee shot of the day, which travlled about 3o yards and then splashed in to the rife.

As it was a red hazard, he said he would go and retrieve his ball and take a drop in play further up. Probably to try and avoid the water again. We got to the place where the ball had entered, and could clearly see a ball in the middle of the rife. Not wanting to waste a golf ball, he got his trusty ball retreiver out of his bag and started to try and hook out the ball. After a few failed attempts, he finally managed to get hold of the ball and as he started to pull the ball out, the pole got caught on some weeds in the water. He gave the pole a tug, and as he did so, lost his footing a fell in to the water.

Now at this point most people would have rushed to assist him to get back out of the water. Not Neal and myself. Instead we literally fell on the floor laughing at him (and remember, we hadn’t know him long at this point!). We fianlly composed ourselves and went over to help him out. When he was safely back on dry land he pulled in the ball retriever to collect his ball back, only to find out that it wasn’t his ball after all, so all of that had been for nothing.

But we’ll give him credit, he did play the last few holes with a rather soggy lower half. And now, when playing the 15th at Littlehampton Golf Club, if a ball goes in to the rife on the 15th, it stays there. We don’t want another repeat performance. I don’t think our sides could take it!

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