GoKart Electric Golf Trolley Automatic Review

Over the past 5 years the big boys lost their way a little (at least that’s the way I think), cost cutting affecting performance? perhaps. Over priced? Maybe… But the long and short of it is that the slump of Powakaddy and the lack of innovation in the marketplace led to a gap which has been exploited by a few firms. GoKart_trolley

One of those is GoKart. GoKart have smashed their way onto the golf kart scene over the past few years and I’m now beginning to understand why and how. These guys are golf obsessed, they have a company to run yes, but they also love golf (who doesnt). It shows in their passion and their products.

Matt’s had a Go Kart for a few years now and its been a great buy – he’s loved it. So much so that he kept telling me to get rid of my electric cart and go fo

It doesn’t just fold up lovely and small. It folds up lovely and small and fast. Its not just fast, its also light. The unique setup whereby the battery locks the structure is both clever and simple. It stops all the weight from being at the base of the cart (thus stopping it from bouncing around too much) and its very simple to click into place (once you’ve got used to it).r a Go Kart.


Vital Statistics:

Weight: 8.2 kg
Price: From £269 (inc p&p)
Folded Size: 26x59x61 (HxWxL)
Range: 18 or 36 Holes



I’ve got the Automatic version. Its taken me a few rounds to get used to the starting and stopping and the concept of not having a switch or dial. And like most men I didn’t really read the manual. But I’ve figured out now that it does have a sensor in the handle that on a nudge forward or back it starts and stops, or shifts into a faster or slower mode. It’s now just second nature.

Gokart Trolley in bagIts not just the trolley that is different, GoKart are UK based, UK made and UK Serviced. IF something goes wrong, or if you are due to send yours back for a service / overhaul then a replacement will arrive to use whilst yours gets the full treatment from the British team. What you’ll get back will feel new again. They really take pride in providing a great product for you – I don’t know anyone who is disappointed with the product or the team.

A quality cart from £269 with unparalleled service seems like a no brainer to me… and I’d be surprised if it doesn’t to you.

I’d give this 9 out of 10 and I think the only things missing are a brake and possibly a slightly deeper plastic holder in the handle (where I could store things like gloves / markers etc..)

With the GoKart – GoKart deserve the place they have made themselves in the market and now that they are selling through pro shops as well then I truly believe you’ll be seeing a lot more of these on the fairways.

Visit their website today by clicking here or viewing www.gokart.co.uk

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