Green Sleeves Review – Golf Ball Cleaner and Club Cleaner

Green sleeve Ball and club cleanerWe were kind enough to be sent two Green Sleeve’s and we were really looking forward to reviewing them. I have to say they couldn’t have come at a better time with this weather. The fairways and greens are muddy and I’m sick of having to wander over to my trolley to clean my ball or use my trousers! This is where the sleeve comes in very useful…

I used it on my round on the 8th February 2014. I hit a good drive then come up short on the temporary green. It was plugged and I used the sleeve to clean the mud off the ball and keep my hands clean. Does it work? yes it’s great! It’s nice to have in your pocket, feels great and what a handy product. I used it every hole and it makes such a handy gadget to have..clean your irons too!

Green sleeve Ball and club cleanerIt has a unique microfibre cleaning centre to remove loose dirt, dry and polish golf balls which really works. It’s great on the greens and saves time, cleans the ball better than the towel anyway and looks stylish, it’s fun to have in your pocket.

A great product all round. I will be keeping this product and looking forward to using it on the next round. Well done Green Sleeve…..great little invention!

Definitely worth buying one peeps so get involved at and get one!

Green sleeve Ball and club cleaner



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