Homeys Slippers Review – Perfect for golfers – Well, anyone really

homeysBefore Christmas 2014 I was lucky enough to be provided a pair of Homeys due to some fulfilment and warehousing work my company has done for the Homeys team in the past and I promised I would let the world know my views through the power of the web.

Homeys slippers

Well here we go. I’ve always had slippers but not been a major wearer of them. Never cool enough perhaps?? Nah, more likley that they’ve never been comfy enough, simple enough to put on, warm enough or strong enough to really wear out in the garden. It’s one of those or a combination of them all that I reckon ensured that I never really attached myself to a pair of slippers before.

However, its different with Homeys. Is it because I am a father now and 32 years old? I dont think so. I think its because they do all of the above and personally I think they look pretty cool too.

Maybe it’s the fact that they are not really slippers.  I really think the clever cloggs at Homeys are onto something with classing them as an indoor shoe.  Isn’t that so much better sounding than slippers!!

I wear them every day and even get worried when I see the dog eyeing them up – I’d have let him chew ‘slippers’ in the past!

Finally – some cool slippers indoor shoes!

Let me tell you. No matter how much you’ve spent on Golf shoes, after 4 hours trundling round a golf course your feet need some relaxation, so do your legs. So pop on a pair of Homeys and put your feet up!

I’ve started to notice Homey’s all over the high street now that I have them and you wont have to look far to find a set for. Great for Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Birthdays or just treat yourself.

Find Homeys

OR Buy online here - http://www.homeys.co.uk/


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