Can I re-grip my own golf clubs? Yes you can. Here is how to re-grip your golf clubs

If you’ve hit this blog post then you’ve either realised that its time for a re-grip, brought some new clubs with grips that are worn or the wrong size. There is no getting away from the fact that your local pro will do this job very well, very quickly and probably better than you. So if you are not confident, or can’t afford to make a mistake then get down your pro shop. However the very fact your here probably suggests you don’t have access to someone to help, don’t know who to ask, don’t want to pay someone else to do it, or just fancy having a go. After all, it can’t be that hard, Can it??

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Well, Matt and I did have a go at this recently and were more than happy with the results. We both prefer the multi compound grip from Golf Pride. Mid size for me and standard for Matt. So onto the net we went to look at videos and how to’s.

We brought our bits from Gamola Golf online and went to the shed with our clubs. I must say, we probably didn’t save too much money, but we did a little, we were able to pick our tape thickness, and we’ve got the tools to use for next time. Anyway, we re-gripped a full set of clubs each. Succeeding where others have failed, mainly because we did our homework, took our time and got the right tools.

Two of our favourite golf re-gripping videos are below and a few others are well worth a watch before you start. You’ll need the right gear. A vice, a decent sharp Stanley knife, new grips, grip tape, grip solvent, a clamp and and a shaft protector for your clamp. The shaft protector is a rubber device which your shaft sits in whilst the clamp holds it still.

Get online to Gamola Golf, grab your new gear and refresh your sticks for this coming season. The Golf Pride multi compounds come highly recommended, as do nice chunky putter grips which have taken a lot of the wrist action out of our putting – and they are perfectly legal ;-)

And what about this very cool method of stripping and replacing a grip!

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