Links Golf….Why I Love It!

Me and the 3MIB team are members of the only links course in Sussex, Littlehampton Golf Club. With early records of the Club irretrievably lost, snippets from the local and national press are the only real means of establishing the events, which led to the founding of Littlehampton Golf Club. At a meeting held at the Terminus Hotel on 16th February 1889, around 25 members enrolled themselves and the Club was formed and what a club it is.

Links golf is a bit different to parkland. A links course is the oldest style of golf course, first developed in Scotland. The word “links” comes via the Scots language from the Old English word hlinc : “rising ground, ridge” and refers to an area of coastal sand dunes. The land “linking” the sea to the arable farmland is typically characterized by dunes, an undulating surface, and a sandy soil unsuitable for farming but which readily supports various indigenous brown top bents and red fescue grasses, that give the firm turf associated with links courses and the ‘running ‘game.

I love our course for many reasons. Every round is different, when I’m driving into the car park very early at the weekend, I don’t know what I’m going to face until I get out of my car and walk round the corner to the practice green.

Which way is the wind coming from, how will this affect my drive, where shall I aim etc. It’s always different. For example on the 6th Par 3 it can be an 8 iron if the wind is behind to a Driver if the wind is coming strong from the sea…what a difference!

On a summers evening after work there is no better place to be. The sun is setting over the course, it’s cool, you can hear the waves breaking when you’re on the tee boxes that line the coast…I know it may sound like I’m writing a romantic novel but that’s why I love it so much!

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