Measure up properly or off the shelf?

I normally play with a set of Ping i25 irons, purchased from American Golf, off the shelf, this was approx 3 years ago. I only had a few swings with the clubs and didn’t try any other irons out and within 20 mins purchased them. They were good clubs, had a few issues with the inserts falling out twice, which resulted in returning them to PING, which annoyed me but generally happy with them.

Last year I went to Silvermere Golf Club in Surrey to be fitted for a driver. I had never been there before and went with an open mind. It was amazing and demonstrated to me how important it is to be measured. I wanted in my heart, an upgrade, on my Titleist driver, but trying all the heads and shafts out together, I was getting 20 yards more with the Callaway Big Bertha driver, incredible difference and a club I would not have picked off the shelf.

So… Portugal is happening this year again in May and I thought I want to be fitted for some irons properly and WOW… what a difference!

I again went to Silvermere Golf Club and got measured up by a chap called Mike, who was extremely professional, had a real laugh and was really keen to get the best results for me. I tried out some irons (about 5 different brands) which I thought I may like but again with an open mind he said try these… The new Callaway Steelheads! OMG… unreal… the results were incredible.

I am not a long hitter at all (I’m getting longer though!), I was hitting my Ping i25 7 iron approx 125 carry and 145 total. With these clubs I was CARRYING 150 and ending up 170 plus! Some shots I hit 180… it was like I was holding a magic wand! I obviously purchased them but they will take 7-10 working days to arrive as I need some adjustment which I don’t mind, I’m just very excited to get them! These will be a game changer for me.

This demonstrates how imperative a proper fitting is, not just picking up a brand you like and hitting a few shots and buying them. Spend an hour with a expert fitter using the best technology around, they were testing swing speed, ball speed, side spin, back spin, launch angle, smash factor, face angle, face angle to path, peak height, literally everything! Trying out lots of different heads and shafts to get the best combination has resulted in my 7 iron being up-to 35 yards longer! The proof is in the pudding people… HAVE A PROPER FITTING!

I need a new 3 wood… wonder where I will go! There is only one place for me in the South East, the technology is a different league and the shop is incredibly stocked with clubs, accessories and clothes.

See you soon Silvermere!

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