Mind the Gap! A 7 Iron is no longer a 7 iron

I’m sure this is well documented elsewhere but the game of golf is changing and you need to be ready for it.

“DISTANCE IS KING” they say!

Every advert is about how far the ball goes off the driver or your new irons. They also mention the forgiveness of the irons (which I personally feel is much more beneficial to us club golfers than raw distance).

120 yards and in is still proven to be the scoring zone, the place you’ll improve your handicap way faster than anywhere else in your game. Hit more greens, get up and down more, improve proximity to the hole and make more putts and you will come down. It really is that simple. I’m not going to labour on that fact, but instead I am going to talk about the changes in modern irons and why I think it could harm your game, unless you know some facts.

ap2 712Lets start with club gaps. We don’t use 3-PW with structured steps in angles of loft for no reason. It is so that we have a club for most yardages. 10-15 yards a club for most people is the difference. This allows you to hit most shots. For me as an example 120 yards is a 75% wedge, 135ish is a full wedge. It always has been. 110 is a gap wedge and 100 a sand iron. Those are nice gaps and nice yardages

Me describing it like that is the key to this article. I actually know that my gap is a 52 and not a 54 degree degree, I know my sand iron is a 56 and I know my wedge is a 47 (was a 48 until recently when I changed irons).

But, what if something more radical changed when I brought my new set of irons. What if the man who fitted me out convinced me to leave my beloved Titleist and hit a 7 iron from someone else vs my 7 iron telling me I’ll gain distance. He may not care about my game, he may just want to sell me some clubs. Or what if I read some hype in a mag, or saw an advert guaranteeing me distance and I went down the range and hit those clubs vs mine.

“wow, that flies” I can hear myself saying. I know because I’ve done it recently before writing this article.

rsi 1I went to the range with no intention of changing my irons but to try some of the new breed. The 7 iron demo was a monster. It was a TaylorMade RSi 1. It didn’t feel like my AP2′s but boy did it fly. And boy was it forgiving!

They’ve made a great club there and in the RSi 2. That I am no disputing.

So what’s this all about you may say. Well, the thing that frustrates me is that unless you look deeper into it, or get fitted by a pro you may not understand why this 7 iron flies so much further and what impact it has on the scoring end of your game.

That RSi 1 7 iron has a loft of 30.5 degrees. That’s a full 4.5 degrees more upright than my 712 AP2 7 iron. Know wonder it goes like stink. Its a club and a half up. This is true right across the bag with the Pitching wedge from TM being 44 degrees instead of 47/48 from my Titleist set. Again a club different (10-15 yards).

RSi 1 Specs

Education and getting your clubs set up is key here. With the new PW you now have up to 10 degrees between your wedge and your Gap wedge. Maybe even as much as 25 yards. You will now need to keep your 52 or 54 degree gap wedge and buy another wedge to use in-between that and your PW.

So don’t get disappointed when your mates are banging 7 irons where you hit your 5 iron, forget about that number on the bottom of your club, just understand where you hit your sticks and be happy with that – ensure you have no glaring gaps.

Perhaps start your new Iron set from 5 iron upwards saving some money for the wedges – start using your new wedge game to dial into those pins and make some lower scores.

hogan ironsOr – are we seeing a new idea from Hogan Golf? Forget those off the shelf numbers 2-PW and get exactly the clubs you want for your game and get exactly the degree you want – check out Hogans New Irons here

Most of all enjoy your new irons!

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Paul is a golf nut who is desperate to reduce his handicap further and get close to those magic numbers in category 1. Working hard on his game when time permits he's hoping to see some marked improvement in 2016. Watch this space
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