Motocaddy S1 Digital Golf Trolley Review

motocaddy s1 proWalking down the 1st fairway one morning at our club during the summer with my clubs strapped to my back, I looked over to the next fairway and saw another member strolling down the fairway with an electric trolley just in front of him and thought “I want to try one of those!”  For the rest of my round I was pondering in-between shots and wondering what it must be like playing a round with an electric trolley. I was thinking about the benefits and drawbacks and after the round I hit the Internet and looked at the various trolleys and reviews.

One particular trolley caught my eye and to be honest I couldn’t find one negative review, the Motocaddy S1 electric trolley.  I read hundreds of reviews and decided in the week to head to the pro shop at our club and purchase one.

Am I pleased I bought one, you bet, its FANTASTIC!  I love being able to fill up my cart bag with all the food, clothing, waterproofs, drinks, accessories all you need for a round and knowing it will not drain your energy carrying it on the course. It’s lightweight and quicker than my push trolley to assemble once out of my car. The battery easily lasts for 18 holes and could last for 36 (albeit it is technically designed for 18 holes) and very easy to charge. It has 9 different speed setting designed for all types of terrain.

During the round the benefits are endless. I can definitely tell the difference in energy levels at the end of the round, I have more! It’s very pleasant walking down the fairway to your ball having your trolley in front, guiding itself to it’s next destination until you want it to stop. I opted for the white trolley and it looks very funky too on the course.

In the past, members have commented that they are only for the older generation, but more and more younger members are purchasing them, simply because of the ease and positive effects it can have on your game. It’s nearly like having your own caddy!

I am trying to think of a negative comment, as our reviews are impartial, as we like our followers to gain an honest insight to products. Sorry guys there aren’t any negative reviews! I love the trolley and have been preaching to all non believers of how good the trolley is. I think Paul from 3MIB is not far off purchasing one ;)

One word to describe the trolley… AMAZING!

Christmas is fast approaching and the accessory holder designed for use with Scorecard Holder, Drink Holder, Device Cradle and Umbrella Holder are going to be bought!

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