Powerbug GT7 Lithium Golf Trolley Review – 1 year on

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Who needs big lumpy batteries and heavy golf trolleys hey…. Lithium is here, and its staying. For good reason.

So I’ve had my Powerbug GT7 lithium golf trolley for over a year now and I can honestly say this is the best trolley I’ve ever had. At a time where I was seriously considering switching away from electric back to a push trolley it has completely changed my mind.

My go-kart was a lovely trolley, it folded very nicely and there were not a lot of negatives to be fair. It’s going strong and one of the other boys in the group now has it. But the Powerbug GT7 takes it to another level.

Lithium Golf Battery PowerbugThe quality screams out of every element. Its strong, light, simple, well engineered and the attachments are superb. No longer do I lug it out the boot, no longer do I have a massive heavy battery sat on the kitchen side and no longer do I have to desperately remember to charge it as soon as I get home to avoid harming the lead acid battery. I’m always getting questions on the course. “What’s that battery then?” is the common one. Its fast become my favourite element to be honest. Now I simply pop the tiny little battery in the front of the car with me and take a gentle stroll into the house and pop it on charge at my leisure. Its a 27 hole battery weighing less than 1kg and easily does 36 round my home course. Even if I forget to charge it for a week it still trundles happily around the second round.


I also love the towel I was given by the team. It has a sleeve which keeps it dry, and clean which is just awesome. My bag doesn’t spin around and the straps are so effective and strong.

5yearwarrantyI have got to know the guys at Powerbug over the last year or so and their dedication to quality and development is unrivalled. I can’t wait to see what the next trolley iteration looks like.

If you are considering buying a cheaper alternative to a lithium trolley then take a peek at this first. http://www.powerbug.co.uk/article.php?xArt=32


Visit Powerbug’s great website now to find out more.  Cut out the middle man and buy a class leading golf trolley direct from the experts.

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