Product Review – BirdieBalls

We were recently sent a set of the BirdieBalls to test out and review on our website, so here are our thoughts.

The first thing you notice when opening the pack, is how much they resemble a napkin ring and you think to yourself, how can this be like hitting a real, solid golf ball as their website states.

We all love to practice our golf, but getting to the driving range isn’t always possible, and if you can get the time, there is then the costs of all the buckets of balls. This is where the BirdieBall is a fantastic idea. With its amazing design, it will, at most, fly around 60 yards, so you don’t need masses of space, and don’t have to walk miles to retrieve them.

So we found a suitable amount of space at our golf club, and lined them up. From the very first strike of a BirdieBall we were all impressed. It’s amazing how something that looks so different from a golf ball can have the same characteristics in its flight and allow the golfer to be able to shape the shots.

We have to be honest and say it doesn’t feel exactly like hitting a real golf ball. It doesn’t have quite the same weight, but of all the training aids we have tested of this type, it is definitely the closest.

Also in the pack, you get a StrikePad which is a thick, flexible plastic pad that can be used anywhere, even off concrete and is great for beginners to use. There is a spot to place your BirdieBall and provides a visual reference of the ideal swing path (inside-out). If you are new to golf, or looking to improve your swing plane, then this is a great addition to the set.

When we were out testing the BirdieBalls, there was a lot of interest in them from other members of our club, and a few people even asked to have a swing as well. They all commented about how real if felt hitting the BirdieBall and gave a good example of their shot shape.

If you are using the BirdieBalls for practice, we would recommend using them in a sheltered area or on a day with little to no wind. We found when testing them on a windy day, that the wind can really take hold of them and exaggerate the shot shapes. Where as a real golf ball is spherical and would pierce through the wind, the BirdieBalls design means it has much more chance of being effected, so doesn’t give a completely true and natural flight path.

This product is extremely durable, and after extended use, we have only noticed very minor cosmetic scuffs on them. This means that these are a training aid that will last a long time unlike the older “waffle” type golf balls, so great value for money.

To find out more about BirdieBalls, watch the video below.

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