Radius Putter Review – My Radius Classic 7 – Bespoke Putters Made to Measure

Radius Logo“Who are Radius” I hear you shout….
“Why would I step away from the brand names” you may be thinking…..

I thought the same, and this story come review sums up why I feel like I’ve found an absolute gem in a crowded putter market. Radius are that gem and I think you should consider fitting a putter to your game.

In order to set the scene I’ll start with what led me to delve back into the putter marketplace to find my new flat stick, then later tell you a little more about Radius and the guys behind these class pieces of kit.

Like most golfers I have progressed as a player and developed / enhanced my game and my bag over the years. One thing I was happy with was my putter. For probably 6 years I had a Ping Craz-e putter. I chose the mallet head to provide me greater confidence on the short(ish) putts.

I could go as far as to say I loved it, for a long time I loved it. But I never really got any better with it. As my handicap has decreased I’ve played more and more with better players and one thing I have noticed is that they definitely make more putts than me. Sometimes I feel like I’ve played just as well as they have, but they’ve still popped it round 5 shots better than I have.

The short game is key to this, they’ve often made a couple of up and downs where I didn’t and they’ve definitely nailed a few one putts. Yes they stick it closer than me at times from the fairway, but they’ve still holed more short / mid-range putts, maybe even the odd long one.

I don’t hit every green and so I need to rescue stuff sometimes. My chips are not perfect, they are pretty good. I generally get myself in somewhere close, I get out of bunkers, but I have always been quite capable of missing the odd 2-3 foot putt. Maybe more than the odd 1 to be honest.

So, after a few rounds of missing short putts (mainly by pulling them left) I decided I would look into my putting and find a putter more suited to me rather than just buying something off eBay.

Here it began. I did my research, like I do these days. I realised I had an arc to my stroke. Not a massive one, but an arc none the less. Ping have done some major testing on this and have a good range of putters set for stroke types. It turned out my Ping Craz-E was magic for straight back and through strokes, but possibly not so good for arc’d strokes.

So… I spent a few hours on a putting green with a range of pings putters trying to work out what suited me best.  I felt quite at home with the blade and wasn’t putting any worse than my Craz-E.

Ping Putter shapes

But I wasn’t consistent with anything in the Ping range. Sods law led me through the range of putters on display only to find my favourite and the best for me was the Scotty Cameron Newport 1.5. A great toe hang performer model with amazing feel and a lovely heavy head.

The price put me off to be honest with you so I started looking around the net for manufacturers competing with the Scotty’s. That is where I found Radius.

I made contact with Russell from the Radius team and told him what I thought were my ailments along with my regular misses along with the fact that I loved the Newport. Russell instantly said that the Radius Classic 7 was going to fit. The loft and weight were on specification and the fitting options from there on in allowed us to get the right grip, length and lie angle.

I didn’t question it. I knew he was the expert and I couldn’t wait to unwrap my putter the very next day.

Radius HeadcoverLet’s start with the head cover. It’s a great design, and very well made, no expenses have been spared and the magnetised clasp is perfect for quickly taking the cover on and off. It’s also a very handy to hang the cover from one of your irons while you are putting so it doesn’t get filthy on the floor (little things).

Radius Putter faceNow for the putter. I must say, I instantly realised why the classic head shape remains so popular. It just looks good. Not only face on, but at address its so simple to see whether its open or closed. Nothing gets in your view like it does on some of these space shaped putters and it just inspires confidence from the moment you pop it down behind the ball.

The shaft meets the head beautifully with no fuss made and the putter sits perfect for me. The options available at purchase mean this should be the case for you too.
Grip: Radius Standard or Oversize
Shaft: Stepless Steel
Offset: ¼
Material: Forged S20C, Fully CNC Milled
Lie 70: Standard, +1, +2, -1, -2
Loft: 3.5
Weight: 350
Length Options: 33, 34, 35, 36, Custom

Radius Classic  7

The black finish is lovely and the face just oozes quality.  Its milled to perfection and really does feel soft.  No need for an insert when you’ve got the level of grooves that the Radius putters enjoy – virtually eliminating the dreaded dimple effect.

At impact, the putter is pure in the hands.  It doesn’t feel hard or bouncy, it also doesn’t feel too soft.  It sits right there in the middle where it should be.  The radius omits just the right sound at impact too.  It makes me smile and has made putting fun again.

If you really want to delve into the technology behind this brand then feel free to have a dig around on the Radius site.  http://www.radiusputters.com/about-radius/technology/. And I am certain if you’ve got any questions Team Radius will be more than happy to hear from you.

I can’t test this scientifically, but I’m happy to trust the brand owners on this one.  They have spent a lifetime in the golf world and what they don’t already know, they have undoubtedly researched and included in the development of their products.

I took the Radius to the course the day after it arrived.  Just swinging it on the office floor made my mind up that I wouldn’t even consider taking the Craz-E too.  The very first round felt good, the second, third, fourth and fifth have been equally as positive.  I’ve seldom missed from inside 4 foot.  Have made plenty from outside of that distance and have been amazed at how good its felt.

In summary all I can tell you is that for me the putter feels better and the dispersion tighter than the Scotty Cameron (I’ve been back to test and make sure).  The ball rolls off the face beautifully, it doesn’t jump, bounce or wobble and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt so confident in hitting the ball at the back of the hole at pace – that’s a great feeling and one that’ll make all your playing partners jealous.  If this putter continues to help me drop my putts per round stat I think I may have found where I can trim another few shots and dive deeper into category 1 handicap.

What Radius Say about this model

The Classic 7 Chester SN incorporates a small offset and short neck making this the perfect addition to C2 and C3.  The rounded bumpers flow seamlessly across the rear of the flange whilst the forged, fully CNC milled head will offer a stunningly unique feel to any golfer looking for something special from this classic design. 

Of course a Toe Hang model might not suit you all, but the massive range on offer from Radius simply provides anything you’ll need

Check out their full range on http://www.radiusputters.com/

About Radius

In 2008, golf industry professionals Graham Webb and Peter Lord began looking at the putter market much closer. The niche, high end putter designers were being drawn towards mass production and the UK designers had all but disappeared. Graham has been a PGA Professional for some 15 years. Peter is a scratch golfer with a degree in Sports science and design.

Introduction from the Owners : “We began looking at designing and developing a range of precision milled putters using our combined knowledge of golf club design and our understanding of the golfer’s natural tendencies. Our companies philosophy is simple…use the best materials possible to make the world’s most aesthetically pleasing putters that actually help golfers of all levels. We will push design boundaries forward whilst appreciating the classic designs. After 3 years of R&D, tour testing and endless searches for the finest milling houses in the world we have now found a way of turning our designs into the most stunning range of putters. We are very proud to launch the stunning RADIUS putter collection“.

Radius Logo

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