Rate my golf swing – help me out with tips or just chuckle? Taylormade R11 Drive

Here is a recent swing taken down the range in Rustington. Using a Taylormade R11 (Matt’s).

Am I over-swinging a bit – a little quick perhaps.  Believe it or not, I know it doesn’t happen on this swing, but my issue right now, is a pull hook with a closed club-face at impact.  This is a regular flex shaft and my Superquad is a stiff.  Will the stiff have caught up on this particular swing stopping that slight cut I got with Matt’s R11?

Tell me what you think and if there is anything obvious which I can work on.

Thank you!

About Froome Dog

Paul is a golf nut who is desperate to reduce his handicap further and get close to those magic numbers in category 1. Working hard on his game when time permits he's hoping to see some marked improvement in 2016. Watch this space
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