Round Review – 01/04/2013

Well – here it is! April Fools Day 2013 and we are hitting the course again. It took all my willpower to not get an exploding golf ball and replace Neal’s ball when he wasn’t looking!

Once again, we were joined by a few of guests (contact us if you ever want to join us for a round) so split ourselves up. Paul played with 2 guests, whilst Neal and myself took the final guest round.

So far, over the long weekend, I have played quite well and not had to write a review, so it only seems fair that I let the others beat me today, so I would write a review (to help spread the workload around).

Once again there was a strong North Easterly wind blowing across the course. This does seem to help more on our course and especially on the front 9.

We all started with very solid scores and kept this going for the front 9. I was last after the front nine and I had shot a 4 over net score. It was going to one of those days, as the other 2 were on fire.

I came unstuck on the 12th hole, when I drew my ball left in to the trees and out of bounds. I never recovered from this. Neal had a more difficult time on the back 9 too. Very hard playing in to the wind. Make the holes a lot longer! Paul had a solid back 9, but couldn’t quite catch Neal, who, on the 18th hole sunk an amazing 40ft putt for par. A great way to finish his winning round.

I’ll be sure to get some more practice in before next weekend, so one of the others can do the honours and write a review again.

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