Round Review – 01/06/2013

Another weeks golf an another round review by me! Although I’m writing the review I was more than pleased with my round considering I had a lesson the night before, where i had some major changed implemented (much needed) but having a lesson and then playing in a comp less than 12 hours later is not a good idea! But never the less a round of 30 has left me writing it albeit on count back from Paul.

It’s seemed liked an eternity since the 4 of us have all played together so it was the return of our pairs competition. This time we decided to play a new format that none of us had heard of, ‘Daytona’. Paul had found it online the night before and convinced all of us that it was a good idea.

Daytona is a competition where you put both playing partners score together to make a double or even triple figure. So if both players shoot a 4 then the score becomes 44. If one player shoots level or under par for the hole then the lowest score is put first but the twist is that if both players shoot over par then the highest score goes first.

Right got that? So here goes.

Once again Clifton-Bowley & Froome teamed up against Gozzett & Simpson. Currently the score stands at 2-0 to Gozzett & Simpson after the last completion was won on count back

The first two holes were evenly matched with Clifton-Bowley & Froome taking a 1 point lead but Neal making an excellent net par 3 on the third Gozzett & Simpson took 33 point lead after both Clifton-Bowley & Froome made 6 and 4.

Clifton-Bowley & Froome reduced the deficit by 10 points on 4 and by a further 10 points after Froome made an excellent net 3 on the par 5 5th.

With the gap narrowing Gozzett & Simpson needed to stop the rot and I was able to make a solid up and down to score a net 2 while both Clifton-Bowley & Froome could only make double and triple bogey.

With the gap now restored to a healthy 40 points both teams played consistent golf and finished the front 9 with the same points difference.

The first two holes on the back 9 saw the scores stay the same until both Gozzett & Simpson had nightmares at the S.I. 1 par 4 12th where both recorded 6′s.

Clifton-Bowley & Froome now halving the difference to 21 points the pressue was on. Holes 13 and 14 saw both teams record the same scores. Neal was able to bail me out on the 15th after a disaster on the tee with poor club selection, saw him make an excellent net 3 with increased our lead to 30 points with only 3 holes remaining.

Clifton-Bowley & Froome worked out what they needed in order to regain the advantage. After some ‘friendly’ banter on the tee Gozzett & Simpson hit two ropes looking shots either side of the green while Clifton-Bowley & Froome both hit excellent shots inside 20ft, which Paul converted but to no avail as both Gozzett & Simpson made up and down to record both net 2′s.

Th 17th saw the gap increase 1 with a fairly innocuous holes with meant the gap was 32 going down the last. Paul gave his team and excellent chance to take the spoils with a very good net 2 into the wind, while Matt nearly knee capped 2 OAP’s off the old pro shop. It was all down the Gozzett & Simpson to make net 5 or less and Neal duly obliged.

The final scores were a win for Gozzett & Simpson by 12 points which now puts the team competition at 3 zip.

Another good competition and another enjoyable mornings golf with the 4 3MIB.

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