Round Review – 02/02/2014 (Littlehampton Golf Club)

We put off playing on Saturday this week, and opted to play on Sunday as there had been heavy rain on Friday and we wanted to give the course a chance to dry up a little in the sunshine on Saturday. We arrived on Sunday to a very wet course, but it was fully open (except for the 11th, which seems to be having big issues at the moment). A few temps, but we could play golf, that’s the main thing.

We had 2 regular guests with us this week, so the balls went up. Paul, Stu and myself made a 3 ball, whilst Neal joined our 2 guests. It was a clear morning, but the wind was blowing quite strongly.

I started off the 1st in usual fashion, slicing my ball off to the right. I seem to have brought this back in to my game over the winter months. Need to get more practice and another lesson in before the season really kicks off. Paul hit a big hook left and it was pushed further in to trouble by the wind. Stu (The Bandit) hit a great tee shot down the middle. He is currently playing off 19 but has been getting 40 odd points on a regular basis, so we need to play some comps to get him cut down to where his golfing ability should have him.

I scrambled to a 6 after my 2nd shot went on to the practice area. Neal made a steady 5. Paul made a bad start with a blob, but his mental side of the game has come on so much, he will always bounce back from this sort of start (and he did!). The ever impressive Stu made a par 4 after a great 2nd shot on to the green. I hope he can keep this form in to the Curry Cup Final (our little inter-3MiB competition – we’re paired together at the moment).

Paul got a point on the board on the 2nd, I managed another point as well. Neal and Stu both made 5′s. This hole was playing long today, as the wind was blowing in from the South West.

As we played through the opening 9 holes, I was all over the place, scoring well on some holes and then getting nothing on the next. Paul was playing steady, but got caught out a few times on the boggy wet ground. Neal, in the group behind wasn’t have the best front 9 either, but Stu was having a great time. He was streaking ahead. He ended the front 9 with 22 points. Neal had 15 and Paul and myself were left to bring up the rear with 14.

I started the back 9 well picking up 7 point in the first 3 holes. Unfortunately for me, the other 3 started well too. We arrived at the 13th tee and I hit another massive sliced drive (swore a few times) and ended up back on the 7th fairway. I need to learn that mental side of the game next too! The others all played the hole well and I was starting to slip behind.

I thought a nice par on the shortened 14th hole would help, but everyone else made par or better as well. Then I decided to lose a ball on the 15th, something I haven’t done in a while. I took out my trusty 5 iron and proceeded to slice the ball (AGAIN!) in to the small rife. This was also Stu’s worst hole of the day. The mere mention of the 15th give him nightmares for weeks. If you have every played at Littlehampton Golf Club, you will know it is quite a short par 4, which should be a good chance to make a par, but with tress on the left and the rife on the right, a missed place shot can spell trouble.

I managed to par the last 3 holes, but it wasn’t enough to keep me from finishing in last place (I lost on count-back – sort of – this time for once Neal!).

I finished with 34 points, as did Paul. Neal had 37, although the card he gave me said 36. he’s not great at counting, and luckily he’s not an accountant! Super Stu (El Bandito) ended with 43 points, so another round smashing the 40 point mark (I can hear you all screaming for his handicap to be cut). He has put in a lot of practice and range time and it’s really paying off. Maybe I should take a leaf out of his book.

I’m not around next week, I’ve got to fit a kitchen in my new house, but I’m sure (if the weather holds out – it’s blowing a gale outside as I’m writing this review) the others will hit the course and have a round. Who will be reviewing? Surely not Stu? Stay tuned for more soon…


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