Round Review – 02/03/2013

This week, we decided to shake things up a little bit and agreed that the loser of this weeks round would write the review, as I had written all the previous one and we could spread the load a bit! Well, I’m here again, so guess what happened… And I really thought it might be Neal’s turn this week, when we saw him going down the 7th with only 7 points, but alas, I decided to fold like a cheap suit and I am writing your review again.

We were joined today by Pete Martin and Keith ‘Jumbo’ Leak (who you may have seen on our Twitter account. He’s the really old guy!). So we split in to two’s again and had one of the guests with us. It was Paul, Jumbo and myself, Neal, Stuart and Pete.

I’d had another lesson in the week, with Dave Fluke of South Cost Golf Coaching and had been down the range with Paul and Stuart the night before (and smashed some lovely shots with my driver – it doesn’t happen often) and was raring to go.

Paul got off to a shaky start, cutting his ball in to a green side bunker on the first, then overhitting it and ending up with a 7. Neal, in the group behind didn’t fair much better.

Stuart however, fresh form being given a handicap of… wait for it… 20 (“cough” BANDIT “cough” – he can drive as far as Paul) was on great form and so was Jumbo. The battle was on.

I managed to pick up a couple of pars on the Par 5 4th and 5th and was starting to feel things could be on the turn for me and I wouldn’t have any side effects from the lesson. The back 9 today proved otherwise. But give it a few weeks, when I’m more used to it, and hopefully be posting some nice scores again. Lots changing in my game at the moment.

We finished the front 9 with Jumbo and Stuart both posting 24 points each. Some great golf being played.

Paul really got in to his game on the back 9 and rounded it off with an amazing shot out of the deep green side bunker on the 18th which ended up in the hole for a birdie 3.

Stuart ended with 41 points (so hopefully he’ll get his handicap cut straight away), but couldn’t take the honours from the old man, who ended up shooting his best round ever and got 44 points. Well done Jumbo.

Well, I’m out again tomorrow with Stuart, so hopefully I can post a better score then.

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