Round Review – 03/11/2013

Hello all… We’re back. As you’ll have seen from a couple of Paul’s blogs over the summer, it’s been a VERY busy one for us all, with weddings, changing jobs, house moves and to top it all off, our very own Stuart has just popped the question to his girlfriend, and luckily for him, she said YES. Congratulations from us all. Can’t wait for the stag do. We’re open to suggestions for good stag do locations that revolve around golf!

Neal and myself managed a round on Saturday and were level pegging a lot of the way round, but a birdie 3 from me on the 18th was enough to see him off and I managed to shoot my first 36 point in a while at our club.

Paul couldn’t play Saturday, and after we had all missed golf all last weekend, due to the ‘Storm of 2013′, I was eager to play again, so joined him for an early morning start on Sunday.

Even though it was only 24 hours later, the temperature was much colder, and the wind had really started to pick up again. This was going to be an interesting round!

We set off up the 1st hole with the wind whipping in from the West (right to left) on our first hole. I was sticking to my new game plan on the first, with a sensible 3 wood off the tee rather than a driver, to avoid losing a ball. We both hit good drives, but I scuffed my 2nd shot and then with a couple of bad putts ended up with a 6, Paul had 5.

On to the 2nd and straight in to the wind! When the wind comes from the West, it makes life a lot harder at our club, as a lot of holes are aligned in to it. Even so, we both managed to get 2 points on this hole, which was very welcome.

The rest of the front 9 was quite uneventful. Paul tried to give me a chance a couple of times with misplaced drives, but my putting wasn’t on form, but we weren’t really taking our time. We we’re just trying to get round pretty quickly.

After the turn, it was nice to have the wind on our backs. We both hoped to hit nice long drives down the middle of the 12th, with the wind helping us, but both ended up pushing the way right!

The back 9 was very similar to the front, with not much that was worth writing home about. But Paul did make a nice birdie 2 on the par 3 16th.

I finished with 31 points and Paul with 32. We were both happy with those scores though, considering the conditions.

Check back soon for more updates from the team, as we’re now going to get back on it!

The next update from me will be about the Tour Final of the South Coast Golf Tour which is happening on Friday 15th November.


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