Round Review – 04/05/2013

Well look who’s reviewing again! This is becoming all to familiar now.

We all arrived at the club ready for another round and were joined by Pete Martin and Mark Northam again, we also welcomed back Jumbo, who has been absent for 5 weeks after having to spend some time in hospital and Pete Raynsford who plays on the South Coast Golf Tour with us. The wind was really blowing in from the West, so this was going to make things interesting.

The balls were thrown in to the air and I was drawn with Jumbo and Mark, whilst Paul and Stuart played with the 2 Pete’s. My 3 ball was elected to tee of first so off we went. Mark pushed his tee shot right, Jumbo hit one slightly left and I stepped up and hit a drive with one of my new Nike golf balls. It went straight out of bounds to the left. 1 hit, 1 ball lost. Good start! My 2nd drive went straight down the middle and left 100 yards to the green. Typical…

I finished the hole with a 7 (0 points). Paul and Stuart both managed a 5 for 2 points each. On to the 2nd.

I stepped on to the tee, 2nd new ball of the round, and managed to hit a massive hook shot which went over the sand dunes that line the southern end of our course. My 2nd shot went slightly left, but was playable and I finished the 2nd hole with a 6 and a point on the board. Paul and Stuart also got some more points on the board too.

I managed pars on the next 3 holes to start to get myself back towards a decent score (and trying to forget about last weeks round of only 20 points). Paul blobbed the 3rd, but got pars on the 4th & 5th, whilst Stu managed just 3 points over those 3 holes.

The rest of the front 9 was pretty forgettable for us all and I finished with 15 points, Paul had 16 and Stuart had 10.

I started the back 9, pretty much the same way at the front, with 3 points in 3 holes. Stuart wasn’t much better, but Paul managed to pick up his game with 7 points.

But then he blobbed the 13th! From that hole onwards, Stuart and myself managed to get quite a few points on the baord, with Stuart doing slightly better than me, so it would eb close as to who would be reviewing.

It all came down to the last and after I pulled my tee shot left in to the rough on the left and had to chip out (sensibly for once), I finished with a 6 for 1 point. Stuart needed a par to get level points with me and win on a countback. And just my luck, he got it!

Winner of the morning was Pete Raynsford, who shot 38 points playing off of a handicap of 4. Some great shooting in the conditions. Well done Pete.

I finished with 28, as did Stuart, and Paul had 33. We are playing again Monday, so I hoping for a much better outing, as we are playing in a 4 ball, better ball competition next week over 36 holes. Who will be reviewing next. Stay tuned…

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