Round Review – 06/04/2013

Bank holiday only means 1 thing to us – another chance to get a round in. Neal still unable to play with his broken finger left Paul, Matt and me. Although we were joined by another regular Pete Rainsford and a new guest this week.

As much as I would like to say we played amazing, we didn’t. After largely forgettable round on the Saturday, ambitions were high. The most significant thing to report on this week was the weather. Once we made the turn, we were suddenly engulfed by a think fog, which to be honest I was hoping would call a holt to our round, which would mean no round review for me! But no the fog lifted and we were able to finish our round. So here I am writing my round review as I finished with only a lovely 29 points. Paul finished with 36 points and this weeks winner was Matt with 38.

Froome Dog

Uncharacteristically Paul dropped 3 shots in 4 holes, but soon got his game head on and started to pull out the pars. Paul was having some trouble off the tee with a few dirty hooks but was pulling out some magic and scrambling to make par on 6 of the back 9. Realising that its now time to get a fix on the hooks Paul had booked a lesson to get that fixed ready for next weekend, mainly just so that he doesn’t have to write the round review, surprising what the thought of writing a round review will do.

The Player formerly known as The Slicer

Matt played consistent throughout the round and had some good highlights thrown in. Matt played an pitch to within 3 feet on 9 and duly converted his birdie. Once the fog descended so did Matt’s chances of getting into the 40′s, letting the conditions get the better of him. If only Matt could putt from inside 5 feet it would give him a great chance of getting down to single figures.


As for me I never really got going. Out of the whole round only hit a handful of good shots and really let myself down with some short chips and a few wayward drives. It wasn’t until the Froome Dogg showed me the scored card on 15 that I had actually scored ok on the back 9 only dropping 1 point, so if I was to take anything away from the round was that I was starting to score even when playing poorly. I did have 1 highlight however, which was my birdie on 18 where I sank a 20-25 foot putt.

All-in-all this means that we will all be going down the range and practising, as I write this I have already been twice and had some video analysis done. Bring on our 4-ball better ball on Sunday where we will see the return of Froome/Clifton-Bowley and Gozzett/Simpson.


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