Round Review – 06/04/2013

This Saturday we had two four balls as two extra guests to our usual group played with us which meant we were split up. This still didn’t eradicate the usual banter as we crossed paths down the fairways to see how we were scoring!

Matt and Paul played with Paul’s guests Gary and Mark and I played with Pete, Carl and another Carl! I started off pretty solid but as I’m writing this review it means I had a few bad holes in the middle. I started off with a par which is unusual as it’s a hard hole and scored well with 7 other pars, but 5 blobs killed my card. The holes I didn’t score on was simply due to my driving. I had a tip off a Pro saying I needed more of a shoulder turn to get round my body more and when it works it works well… When it doesn’t it goes horribly wrong! I ended up with 31 points which when looking back at the non-scoring holes isn’t a bad total.

Paul played very solid and scored 38 points and I saw a few of his monster drives using his new driver and was solid throughout. Two consecutive birdies on the Par 5′s helped and set his scoring run off nicely. Matt has been driving the ball a lot better since his lesson which means we may have to come up with a new nickname as the slice is starting to go! He also scored well on the Par 5′s scoring double par’s. He only had one non scoring hole and finally scored a one over par and carded 35 points.

Our next round is this Saturday and I’m putting my neck out saying I won’t be reviewing… Hopefully I won’t be eating my words. Off to the range to work on my new driving technique…

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