Round Review – 09/03/2013

Well, Saturday 9th March arrived and after a night at the range followed by a beer we were all ready for a round of golf. Neal and Stuart arrived at the course by 6:30am to work on their putting. Matt wasn’t long after and I rocked up a little later but with time for a putt and a swing.

This is the first round review not written by Matt. Instead by a distraught Paul! Not because I am a bad loser, but because I am annoyed with elements of my game which I didn’t work on at the range the night before.

I decided to forget about those 80-140 yard approaches and it bit me in the a**e. Just 5-10% out either way at our course often means a bunker – and making par from wet or post winter bunkers is just not simple.

We split once again for a second Saturday running and went off in 2 fourballs playing stableford scores and pound, pound, pound on the result. So a whopping £24 in the pot.

I took the honours and smashed a 4 wood over the ridge on the first, desperate to not foul up the short shot to the green like last week I confidently approached with 8 iron in hand only to fat it and come up short front of the green. 3 putts meant a 5 and I was annoyed already – putting didnt get any better all day for me. Having said that the real issue was plenty of pin high approaches which all ended up a few yards left or right of flags and all to often in the wet sand. Those failed approaches, lack of 1 putts and limited sand saves meant a scrappy 84.

Stuart had a poor start and is still struggling with the flat stick, (averaging 2-3 putts a hole is the only reason the 19 handicap is not 9). However, for Stuart, a double bogey on his last hole was enough to secure that point that stopped him having to write this review.

Neal faired far better, starting unusually well the tough third reminded him that he hasn’t quite got the measure of the first 3 holes just yet. The SI 1 hole (12) brought another blob and then an out of character 8 down the par 5 17th put pay to Neal’s chances of the win and hitting his handicap.

Matt on the other hand, full of sinus and cold medicine, energy drink and his new swing (to help reduce the slice) played very well. I am not sure if it was his extremely competitive side, or the concoction of caffeine and drugs which meant Matt was thriving on the terror the bunkers were bringing me. Either way, Matt steadily racked up 19 points on the front nine despite sticking a ball in the water on the 5th. Unfortunately the drugs started to wear off and Matt’s golf suffered a little around the 14th. A steady par on the 16th gave him a little more energy to finish the last two with bogeys and a chance of taking the money.

However, a tremendous round of golf from one of our challengers – who shot a 1 over gross score of 71 and took the front nine and overall with a tie for the back nine. So two pound down, and with some work to do on my short irons I came home wishing I could go right back down this morning (Mothering Sunday) – but that was certainly not allowed and I now need to wait a week to get my revenge on the golf course and make sure I don’t need to write this review again next week after the show and go.

By which time, my new driver should have arrived.. Will that be a dangerous move? You’ll have to wait and see.

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Paul is a golf nut who is desperate to reduce his handicap further and get close to those magic numbers in category 1. Working hard on his game when time permits he's hoping to see some marked improvement in 2016. Watch this space
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