Round Review – 13/04/2013

We were all look forward to our weekend for golf, but after calling the courses information line, we knew that there would only be 11 holes open (mostly on the front 9) with 2 temporary greens. We’d only had a small amount of rain, but the club had decided to shut some holes. With this in mind, and knowing there wasn’t going to be a competition, we decided to get there early and try and play 22 holes.

We were joined again by Pete and Carl Martin, but after throwing the balls in the air to split up the teams, Paul, Neal and myself ended up playing together for the first time in a while. So we were ready to go and knew the banter would be flowing.

Paul got off to a flying start with par, birdie, par on the first 3 holes to get himself to 2 under par. Neal and myself were both 1 over par. With Paul striking the ball very well, we thought we were going to struggle to keep up with him today.

Since having a few lessons recently, I have been striking the ball a lot straighter and further than I did before. This is great, but I am having to work on my aim more now (as I used to play with a big slice and had to aim far left to bring it back on track). This is making my club selection interesting whilst getting used to the new lengths I can hit the ball. This came in to play at the 6th (were I also now DON’T get a shot, as Paul takes great pleasure in reminding me) and I hit it off to the left and had a tricky chip over a bunker to try and get some more points on the board. Needless to say I ended up blobbing the hole and falling further behind the others. Neal’s game had started to pick up as well, so I had to hope one of them would slip up to give me a chance.

We finished the first 11 holes with me a massive 7 points behind Paul and only 2 behind Neal, so I thought if I could play safe and hit some sensible shots, I could catch him up and it would be his turn to review again (he’s off to Las Vegas for his stag do on Wednesday, so would be nice for him to have to do a review before he leaves).

But we started the 2nd 11 and Neal seemed to find a new level for his game. I think this might have had something to do with Paul’s very poor (and unusual for him) start to the first couple of holes which he ended up not scoring on. I made 4 points and all of a sudden, it was Paul in my sights, not Neal.

I played well on the 2nd 11 and finished level par for the holes played, but lost a few silly points due to over clubbing and rushing a few short putts. Silly mistakes really!

Neal hit an incredible 6 under par (we all think his handicap needs to be cut again soon) and Paul ended shooting 4 over.

So Neal ended up overturning Paul and winning with 49 points over the 22 holes, Paul finished with 44 points and I came in with 41. I am playing again with Neal tomorrow, so 1 more chance to get him to write a review before he leaves.

Was a great morning, with the usual brilliant banter and we can’t wait to welcome Stooey back next weekend. Will be interesting to see how he plays after 3 weeks away. Stay tuned! (And fingers crossed we’ll have a FULL course open too).


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