Round Review – 15th March 2014 – Littlehampton Golf Club – Chinese Cup Round #2

Saturday brought round 2 of the Chinese Cup, our inter team event where the pairing who come out on top in the best of 5 matches gets treated to an evening mealk by the other two guys.

We arrived back at Littlehampton Golf Club eager to see what the last couple of weeks of dry weather have done to the course. There were 18 full holes open for the first time in what seems an eternity. This winter’s relentless rain really has left its mark on the golf course and caused some problems.

The signs are pretty good however and the ever resilient grass has started to grow again. We played 4 ball better ball in pairs with the guys all taking shots from me at 3/4 the difference. My 3/4 maths in my head at 7am wasnt quite up to scratch and I did award Matt and Neal one less shot than they should have had and Stu one more than he should have had. Incidentally it didnt matter thank goodness.

Stu and I took an early lead which was pegged back by the time we both found greenside bunkers on the par 3 3rd. Neal made a birdie on the par 5 fourth which swung Matt and Neal back into the lead. A fairly uneventful collection of holes followed with no major swings in the scoring. We made the turn as teams on a net betterball score of 32 each. Honours even on the front nine.

We are all working on our swings at the moment and there was flashes of brilliance from us all, but soon followed by some dodgy shotmaking. Neals best front nine for a while matched my score going out and Stu and Matt were steadily sat on or around their handicaps.

Matt and Neal had a 2 shot advantage after some steady holes through 10-12 but a very scabby birdie from me on the 13th pulled both those back. Shots went back and forth on 14, 15 and then 16 with Matt and Neal 1 shot better off on the 17th tee. Two net 5′s from Stu and Neal kept us 1 shot behind standing on the 18th tee. Matt, Neal and Stu all had shots down here but a poor hole from Neal and Matt yielded at best a net bogey while Stu confidently rolled in a putt for a 4 and a nett 3.

Neal and I will be enjoying a curry this Friday night courtesy of Matt and Stuart after we won the Curry Cup 3-2. And with a commanding 2-0 lead in the Chinese Cup we may be going out very soon again!

Keep an eye out for round 3 of the Chinese Cup soon.

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