Round Review – 16/11/2013

Yesterday saw Paul and myself play in the Tour Final of the South Coast Golf Tour at Old Thorns Golf Club in Liphook, Hampshire. Neither of us had good rounds, with me finishing on 20 points and Paul doing slightly better with 26! The course was playing very tough and the conditions didn’t help either, with the course being VERY waterlogged.

I had already sealed victory for the 2013 Tour, so the result didn’t really matter. It has been a great year for the Tour an we are really looking forward to 2014. If you would like any more details about the Tour, feel free to contact us.

We stayed quite later for the after party, but made sure we were home in time to get some rest as we were going to play again on Saturday, now to make up for the poor showing at the Tour final.

We got to the course nice and early, as usual, and already it was feeling good. Back on our home course, nice weather and firm ground. Unfortunately, up the first hole, I think we were both still a little sleepy and walked away with a pair of 6′s.

On to the 2nd and Paul had clearly woken up more than me now, as he got a par on this hole and I had a 5.

For the next 7 holes, I was clearly still thinking about the day before as my scores were up and down. Paul was now totally focused on today’s round and managed to get 6 pars and 1 bogey. Nice shooting. After being at the course for over 10 years now, he really knows how to play well there.

He started the back in 9 where he finished the front, with another 2 pars. I got 2 bogeys, so was now aiming to just try and get a half decent score and do better than the day before.

After a terrible 8 on the 12th hole, I then managed to steady the ship and ended the round with 30 points. Better that  yesterday, so I was pleased with that!

The only other blip on a very good round from Paul was a 7 on the 14th hole. He got a birdie on the 17th after making it to the green in 2 for an eagle chance, and go a par on the 18th to finish with 35 points. Clearly he had totally forgotten about the night before.

Looking forward to next week when we’ll be out the all the boys again. I’m sure there will be some great banter, as we’ve not seen each other in a while.

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