Round Review – 17/02/2013

We all managed to sneak another round in today, and got to play together as a 4-ball.

After just missing out on top spot yesterday to Paul, I was eager to see if I could get my own back today. We both started well matching each other until we got to the 5th where I made birdie and he made a par! The pressure was starting to mount.

Neal and Stuart had a mixed start, with Neal going back to his old ways of only getting a point or 2 on the first few holes, then waking up and starting to play. Stuart is still finding his rhythm again after a few years out, but by the end of the round was smashing some drives down the fairway.

At the turn, Paul and I were still matching each other for a few holes until we got to the 15th and he decided to put his tee shot ever so slightly right, onto the 4th tee area. I saw my chance and played a gentle drive down the middle, then messed up my 2nd shot and we drew the hole. On to the 16th…

Both of us made it over the water but Paul ended up in a bunker and I was just short of the green. My bump and run ended up close, but Paul hit a skinny shot out of the bunker, over the green and into another bunker. He knew he was finished :)

There was a nice scrap going on for 3rd place too, with Stuart playing off 18 today and getting a nice score (I had been scoring him off of a handicap of 8 on my phone app – no wonder he wasn’t getting very high scores!) and Neal having a bad start which he managed to shrug off.

I nearly let Paul back in near the end of the round with a very dodgy drive on the 17th and some suspect play on the 18th, but managed to hold on and get revenge for Saturday. I’ve now managed 2 blob free rounds in a row – maybe I should have got those lessons a bit earlier!

Lots of good laughs on the round today and amazing weather (we were very lucky this weekend), so roll on next week and we’ll see what happens then.

Stay tuned for more…

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