Round Review – 19/05/2013

Guess who’s back. Back again.
Matt is back. Tell a friend…

Yes sports fans. It’s another review from me!

I’ve been playing well recently, except when I get a competition scorecard in my hand.

This week it was the Centenary Challenge Bowl competition at the club and Stuart, Paul and myself took to the course. Neal was off busy getting married in Spain (congratulations mate!).

We stepped on to the first tee. Stuart pushed his tee shot right, whilst Paul hooked one left and my was reasonably straight, but just off the left edge of the fairway. I stepped up to play a sensible shot to the middle of the fairway, rather than trying to go for the green (which the old me would have attempted). Nowadays I am trying to play a better way round the course and if in trouble, rather than trying to hack a long shot, play a sensible shot out sideways.

I walked up to take my next shot, from about 100 yards, after the others had got themselves on to the green. What followed next we very confidence destroying. I managed to hit 3 shanks in a row, 2 in to bushes on the practice round and the 3rd hit the fence, which kept it in play. I walked off the 1st with a 9. That’s not great in a medal competition.

The rest of the round way pretty much the same for me, dropping shots all over the place. Paul and Stuart managed their rounds much better, and probably played half the shots I did.

Then we came to the 14th hole. I managed to hit a great 270+ yard drive down the middle of the fairway, in to the wind. I stepped up to hit my next shot, which should have just been a simple pitching wedge on to the green. Another 3 shanks followed, all on to the 5th fairway which runs parallel to the 14th. I couldn’t bear to continue so I wrote NR on my scorecard and played the last few holes for practice (and got par on 3 out of the 4).

Paul and Stuart faired much better. Paul ended up shooting an impressive nett 71 (there was quite a bit of wind around) and Stuart finished with a nett 73.

I’ve already sent a message to Dave Fluke, my coach and soon to be 3MiB resident pro, to get another lesson booked in and get rid of the shanks. So destructive. here’s hoping to some better golf soon.

We forgot to add the scores to out electronic scorecard this week, and to be honest, I don’t mind that…

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