Round Review – 24/02/2013

Another week and another round of golf for the 3 Men team. And what a difference a week can make. After wearing t-shirts last week, this week we were wearing as many layers as we could. The temperature outside was about 1 degree, but the northerly wind made it so much colder. But the good news was that a full 18 holes were open, so Stuart would be able to submit his last card and get a handicap (I’m predicting 18).

As we made our way down the first hole, following a crushing drive from Stuart, the snow began to fall. I’m glad I took my trusty cup of tea with me! We all found it very hard to get going today and the thicker air wasn’t helping the flight of our balls. A lot of shots were coming up shorter than we expected.

Stuart continued to nail his drives, we have all noticed a considerable improvement, and I seem to slip back in to some bad habits. Must get another lesson booked soon. Neal played very consistently today and picked up some points early on, on the other hand Paul was hitting his with to much draw.

We got to the 5th and all decided to play down the right hand side (the left is the way to go) so we all had a shot across the rife. Stuart then decided to play a huge slice on to the 14th and out-of-bounds. The rest of us made it across safely and finished out the hole and scored some good points. Stuart did take a drop and bit a great shot at the green but it didn’t stop and ended up nicely nestled in the gorse bush behind the green.

Then came the 6th and I think the hole-of-the-day that Paul will want to forget. He hit a great iron off the tee, but again the draw put him in trouble. He ended up right at the front edge of the bunker. 4 shots followed before he managed to creep out.

The rest of the round was up and down for us all, and then came 17th. Paul it a good drive, then asked to have a swing with my R11. I think he was trying just a little to hard, and blocked the drive straight in to the trees to the right of the tee box and snapped a branch off a tree. I think karma then got its own back for mother nature when Paul’s hybrid shot ended up right on the edge of the hazard by the 17th green.

Hopefully it will be a bit warmer next week, as our first round of the spring will be here.

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