Round Review – 24/03/2013

Well here I am again, which can mean only 1 thing. I lost again today! We have all agreed that whoever has the lowest score on the day has to write the round review.

We showed up at a very cold damp course today, minus 1. Stuart flew off to Australia yesterday for 3 weeks, and he took great delight in sending us messages with the temperatures there. We hope it rains! The freezing Northerly wind meant we were all wrapped up warm today and this never helps.

With only 11 holes open at the course today, we decided that we wouldn’t be taking things completely serious and would get creative with the holes we would play,so we could still play at least 18 holes. And as we weren’t taking it completely serious, I took an opportunity to really try and put Neal off his game so he would have to write the review for once. He’s the only one so far NOT to have written a review. His time will come. But needless to say, it didn’t work and he ended up winning.

We all started well today and I was really connecting well with my driver. A few temporary green early on were not welcome and it always makes it that much more difficult to commit to your approach shots, and I won’t even start on putting.

Getting creative on the holes we play today meant that Paul ended up getting 3 eagles and I had 1 (which was a lovely chip in and stole some of Paul’s thunder, as he only had a short putt for one of his).

A bit of a lapse in concentration half way round meant I put myself out of the running, so I resorted to getting a handful of old tees and throwing them at Neal. It didn’t work. If anything, it spurred him on even more.

The scores look really good, but as we weren’t playing the whole course, we aren’t getting too excited about them.

The weather will hopefully improve soon, so we can get a full course open and play some golf. The clock change soon, so hopefully the weather will get the hint at the same time.

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