Round Review – 25/01/2014 (Littlehampton Golf Club)

Another Saturday morning arrived and I couldn’t wait for the 1st tee. This morning it was only myself, Stu and Matt as Paul was playing Goodwood.

We arrived at the 1st tee, which was unusually, very busy, at 7.20am for during the Winter months. We therefore decided to head over to the 5th hole to start the round to avoid the wait.

We all drove well off our first tee for the day, a Par 5 on the course. After our first shot myself and Stu ended up left to avoid the water but in the deep rough. Matt headed straight for the green and ended up with a birdie and myself and Stu carded 6 and 7 respectively.

The 6th a Par 3 at LA we all bogeyed with a 4, so Matt still held a lead.  On the next hole a Par 4, Stu hit a monster drive and I was behind a little but still on the fairway, Matt hit a big slice and ended up on the next fairway but we all ended up with a Par 4.  Just goes to show it doesn’t matter how you get in the hole just in how many shots because we all were in different positions but ended up with the same score!

The next Par 3 is playing shorter, around 150yds on the shorter tees. Matt and Stu ended up in the bunker and I hit the green. They carded a 4 and myself and Par which helped me catch up a little.

We all ended up playing solid throughout the round and my driving was good all day. Matt was all over the place off the tee but his recovery shots were bringing him back into the game.  We were all level the majority of the time and matching each others score.

Stuart is constantly improving which I have mentioned in my previous reviews which is great to see but until he is cut officially ,which he really wants, it’s hard to keep up with him!…

When we arrived back at the first tee we were all 6 under our handicap, we were cruising. We mentioned whilst walking to the first tee that it’s nice to be warmed up on the 1st tee as we had already played a few holes. We cursed it….I was the only one to score a point with a double bogey 6!

Standing on the 4th tee (our 18th for the day as we started on the 5th) we were all level on 39 points already! I drove next to Stuart on the right of the fairway and Matt drove down the left hand side of the fairway. I laid up with a 5 iron and Stuart ended up in the water on the fairway. Matt ended up with a birdie and Stuart a 5. I carded a bogey 6, which leaves me typing this review!

I never thought I would be reviewing after scoring 41 points. Stuart ended up with 42 and Matt 44. What a great round from all of us and quite frankly I was so pleased the way I played, I enjoyed reliving the round by conducting this review!

I must say our course is still very wet and short at the moment. I am looking forward to Spring when the course is fully open and playing its usual length. I am also tired of seeing temporary greens!



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