Round Review – 27/04/2013

Another week gone, and time to pull on the golf clothes and hit the course again. It’s been a long week for me having to work from home and looking after my daughter at the same time, so I was really ready to go, or so I thought!

Neal and Stu couldn’t play today (we’re playing again tomorrow with them), so Paul and myself were joined by the left handed, father and son pair of Karl and Pete Martin.

I pushed my drive on the 1st to the right and ended up in a crater full of long grass. Paul went left, but was OK. My 2nd shot didn’t go very far out the long grass and ended up in another bad position. I finished out the 1st with a 7, so 0 points. Paul managed to get a 5, as did Karl and Pete.

I managed to get some points on the board on the 2nd hole, so thought my luck was starting to turn. Paul got a par, Pete got a 6 and Karl blobbed the hole.

Then on the 3rd and my 2nd blob in 3 holes. Was it going to be one of those days? The other 3 all managed pars and I was slipping further and further behind.

I got some more points on the 4th hole with a par, then after that, my descent started to really hit, and Paul started to hit every shot on the money.

He finished the front 9 just 3 over course par. I had 10 points. Karl had 17 and Pete had 13. They way Paul was playing, we would have our work cut out to catch him again.

I was hoping that a new 9 might bring a new turn of luck! It’s didn’t. I managed a 5 on the 10th for 2 points, then followed it with a blob on 11 and 12.

Paul played well until we got to the 14th hole, which was playing a lot longer today into the Northerly wind. We both pulled our tee shots left, with mine going slightly deeper in to the rough. I didn’t have a great lie and decided, as I was playing so well, to try and get it over the trees 10 yards in front of me. Needless to say the ball ended up in the trees for another blob. Paul ended with a 6 and his first real slip up of the day.

He had a bad run for the next couple of holes and Pete and Karl were suddenly back in with a shout for the back 9 or overall honours.

We finally finished the round, and I was put out of my misery. It was my worst round ever, finishing with just 20, yes 20, points. Towards the end, I was just hoping to make it to at least 20 points for the day. Very glad I did!

Paul ended up with 32 after his bad spell towards the end. Pete finished with 33 points and took the honours for the back 9, whilst Karl ended up with 34 and took the overall honours.

I can’t wait for tomorrow now,to try and put things right again. Would hate to finish my weekend with just 20 points and have to wait a week to play again. Some more mid-week practice again soon too!


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