Round Review – 28/04/2013

After Matt’s disappointing round on the Saturday he managed to convince both Neal and myself to play at 6 on Sunday morning. Neal not feeling the best, with his broken thumb and me feeling slightly worse for wear after attending a wedding the day before, we obliged and turned up ready for action.

It didn’t take long for Neal to realise that playing with a broken thumb wasn’t going to go down well. So after the first he decided to practice his pitching and putting and play the par 3’s. Matt started off well with a well scrambled 4 and I started off with a rope bogey.

At this point I decided to try and experiment with my grip and set up to try and work on curing my high block with has troubled me since my return to golf! Matt was also working on the points Dave has been giving him during his lessons over the past few weeks, and if he keeps going ‘The Slicer’ will be no more!

Following an easily forgettable 2nd, we moved onto the first of the par 3’s. Matt made par, I made bogey and Neal with his broken thumb made par! As we made our way down the course a bit of army golf starting creeping into our games (right, left, right, left).

We moved to the second of the par 3’s, the 6th, and with Matt and I both making par once again so did our broken thumb partner! Forgetting about the 7th, the 8th, another par 3, saw me hit sand and Matt hit the rough on the right but our injured golfer managed to find the green, and not only that nearly sink his putt for a birdie.

Onto the 11th and the penultimate par 3 of the day. After two bad tee shots from both Matt and I, Neal steps up once again and hits the green! Matt and I finished with a pair of horrible 5’s and Neal another solid par!

As we carried on making our way back to the club house, Neal continued to play the last 150 yards on each hole and all but one hole made 2 every single time! As we took to the tee for the last par 3 of the day, it was inevitable what was coming next and yes you guessed it, Matt bogie, Stu bogie and Neal par! So every single par 3 of today’s round Neal made par and with a broken thumb!

The moral of todays round is if your mate tells you he has a broken thumb don’t let him play par 3’s properly as he will make you look stupid!

And 1 last thing even through Neal did amazingly well on the par 3’s, he did play them off the reds!!! No comment.


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