Round Review – 29/03/2013

Well after a very cold morning on the course I find myself losing my “review” virginity after a terrible start on the course. No Paul and Stuart so we played a fourball with two other members we know, Peter and his son.

I started off terribly scoring no points on the first three holes, that put me on the back foot to say the least!. After the horrific start we arrived at the Par 5’s 4th and 5th which gave me an opportunity to gain some points, albeit I wasn’t very confident at this stage. To my surprise I scored a Par and then a Birdie which jumped me quickly to 7 points and gave me a massive confident boost.

I managed to get my mental game back on track and scrambled 16 points on the front nine and Matt scored 22 points. The back nine I started to apply pressure on Matt and gave him some wise words in between holes….things like “I’m coming to get you” and it must have got to him he only scored 11 on the back nine in total…he had a bit of a meltdown and we were level after 17 holes.

I stood on the 18th after just getting par on the 17th and hit a terrible drive  which come of the heel of my driver, matt was on the fairway and this put me out the game and Matt scored a 5 on the last to win by two points after I scored a 7…all in all it was close to the end which always make it more interesting…if you are poor off the tee at our course your scored get punished which is what happened to me!…all in all another fun round!

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