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Why should belly putters be banned I ask myself? I get a lot of stick (no pun intended) from people for using a belly putter saying “It’s easier” “It’s cheating” etc etc…my initial reaction to people is this…if it makes putting so easy, why hasn’t everyone on tour and all amateurs using one?? Surely they would!

The truth of the matter for me, is that I simply wanted to try one out and I liked it…its not as easy to use as people may think. For example, for long putts it’s very difficult to gauge length as using a belly putter you lose a lot of feel. For the shorter putts, again the feel element is lost so it’s not that easy. Quite honestly it’s probably psychological as is a lot of golf.

Ernie Els quoted recently  ”If there were 90 percent of the guys using it, or if the guys using it were top of the putting ranks, guys making more putts from 20 feet, more putts from 4 feet … give me something to go by, to really make me believe, that you have to ban it. ” The fact is they are NOT!

I think this nails it on the head and backs up my personal view that if it made putting so easy why isn’t everyone using them..there is no data that confirms this assertion.

I have no problem going back to a regular length putter if and when I have to, but it raises this question…Should we ban anything that assists the putting stroke? If so surely we should ban all types of fat grips on putters which a lot of amateurs and pro’s are using!

One rule for one comes to mind……

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