Stuburt Mens Urban Golf Spikeless Shoes Review

stuburt urban shoesMy golf shoes were at the stage were they looked like a dog had chewed them, so it was time to hit the web and search for some new shoes. There is such a vast choice for the golfer these days and it can be a minefield. Fortunately in this day and age we can shop from the sofa and conduct research for hours on end.

I thought I might go for a change and look at the new style of shoe, the urban/trainer look. These shoes have spikes but they are inbuilt rather than removable in the standard golf shoe. Their appearance also looks different, as they appear more like a trainer and appear more comfortable.

So I ordered them on eBay and they arrived at my office and I just couldn’t wait to try them on. My initial impressions were they looked fantastic! They could pass as a trainer but due to the logo on the side of the shoe no-one could question you at the club about whether they are designed for the golf course.

They are incredibly comfortable and feel great. They are lightweight and have durable uppers, while the soft flexible outsole produces traction and extreme comfort. The integrated saddle into the lacing system ensures the upper tightens evenly across the foot offering extreme stability. The padded bellows tongue and ankle collar give instant comfort from the moment you put the urban shoes on.

They get a really high rating from me and quite honestly I don’t think I will be reverting back to the old school golf shoe. One last benefit, you can drive in them and put them on before you get to the course, which in my book equates to more time on the putting green before teeing off!

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