Round Review – Sunday 19/01/2014 – Wet & Sloppy (Littlehampton Golf Club)

Even though that description does suit the course conditions on Sunday, it’s more apt for the way I played the game. The same track I shot a 70 on last week, I rather sloppily trudged round in an 80 this week. Once again not really understanding what I was doing – just never feeling settled and right over the ball. Some superb shots and some absolute rotters!!!

I feel the need for a lesson, or some range time before I decide to simply put my clubs away til spring.

Anyway, we arrived Sunday with one of our regular playing partners and then were joined by another member. Splitting into two three balls Stuart teamed up with Jumbo and the other member leaving Neal, Matt and Myself to lead the way off the first.  There was nothing really to shout about from us until the 8th where a couple of nice birdies were made.  Stu however had notched the first birdie of the day behind us on the 5th and was enjoying the “you cant be off 19″ banter [more about Stu later].

One more birdie from and one from Neal concluded the excitement on the back nine but two very steady back nine performances from Neal and Matt halved the back 9, and meant that Matt and Stu managed to halve the overall on the day as well.  All in all a pretty decent performance from the group (myself excluded).  My stat tracker showed too many putts and only 56% GIR.  I’d take 35 putts with 80% GIR, but missing 8 greens then still having 35 putts is not clever.

Back to Stu – Its a few steady weeks now which is great news. Testament to having a few lessons and working hard on your game. Stu certainly has the physique, mentality and swing to play off single figures and I am sure will work even harder this year to try and get back down there. It will come, of that I am sure!

In fact that’s got to be the target for all the boys this year and I cant wait for it.

Meanwhile, the course is wet, temporary greens are getting right on my nerves and I cant wait for Spring. I can almost smell it.


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Paul is a golf nut who is desperate to reduce his handicap further and get close to those magic numbers in category 1. Working hard on his game when time permits he's hoping to see some marked improvement in 2016. Watch this space
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