The Masters 2013 & Oh WOW – in your life have you seen anything like that

“Oh WOW – in your life have you seen anything like that” My second most memorable piece of commentary after the World cup final in 66 (not that I was born).

But that was the line screamed as Tiger made the most famous shot in golf. Way back in 2005. I have a habit of falling asleep at the wrong time on a Saturday and Sunday of the Masters but that year something was happening, I think Tiger had us all spellbound as he worked his magic and took the green jacket again.

The 2013 Masters is the 77th time the worlds greatest players have lined up on possibly the most recognised golf course in the world. A place most of us can only dream of teeing the ball up one day.

Its the first of golf’s four major championships and I think this adds to th euphoria, especially for us golfers who are only just getting our season going again after the cruel winter. This yeat the masters is scheduled to be held April 11–14 at the usual venue. Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

Located in Augusta, Georgia, it was founded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts on the site of a former indigo plantation and opened officially in January 1933. Augusta did rank #1 in the list of Americas best courses in 2009. Augusta has some funny membership rules and it wasnt until the 90′s that black members were allows and just last year that the first women were allowed to join.

This years tournament promises to be as exciting as ever. Tiger is back, Rory is starting to banish the demons of having his hold golfing equipment changed and many other players are starting their season well enough to get themselves in contention. When thinking of a winner I dont think this major will yeild another new winner like the last bunch have.

With Tiger and Rory in the mix, Phil back on form I can see a lot of money being placed on those 4. Bubba Watson cannot be ignored and if he is putting well a fella like him who can shape the ball anyway he wants can certainly tame the twists and turns of Augusta National.

My outside money would be on Gmac, Snedeker, Garcia and Dufner. Further out from those will be Cabrera and Choi (two guys who love the Azalea lined fairways).

I am sure they’ll be more to say in the next 4 weeks leading up to the event but no matter what happens, no matter who wins I am fairly certain we’ll see something special this year. Maybe not another chip in like 2005, but we always get spoilt at the Masters!


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