Thinking about a European Golf Trip? Why not consider the States! Perhaps visit Tee times USA

We’ve chatted for years about ditching our annual trips to local courses and annual 4 day golf trip in Devon. The weathers perfect one year and we instantly book the following year, and then we get a year where the weather is horrid and we leave disappointed and saying “That’s definitely the last time we golf break in the UK”.

On reflection a few weeks later we realise it was never that bad but when you work all year long and look forward to a golf weekend as much as we do then its never good to have 3 days out of 4 in the rain.

We finished our trip at Okehampton in 2015 feeling ok about the weather, it wasnt too bad. But a few of us were done really, we wanted more challenging courses, we wanted the sunshine and were happy to go abroad.

Belik? Portugal? Spain? Bulgaria? We started looking. With Stu getting married and a good friend of mine turning 40 in 2015 we decided it may be good to link the two occaisions.

Reunion Resort FloridsA couple of days later we had an option to utilise a pals house in Orlando. It threw a whole different dimension into the mix and we started talking about the USA. Once the wives and girlfriends were happy with us dissapearing so far we had to cover the money bit.

Flights… Golf and the house. We got a great deal on the house, and we then realised that there was a chance we could do 7/8 days in Florida along with 8-12 rounds of golf for the same money as we could do 7 days in Europe (IF IT WAS PLANNED WELL).

Tee times usaThis is where a couple of nights on the Internet paid off. I found a great site called Tee Times USA and an awesome organisor their called Brian. Brian and I chatted through option after option, believe me there were a few. Not at any stage did my dilly dallying put Brian off or annoy him.

Grand Cypress GolfHe listened, suggested and listened and suggested again. After a week or so of going forwards and backwards with the group of golfers and Brian we settled on a deal. A deal we never thought possible. Playing some amazing courses on some amazing deals and having someone in the States organising everything for us.

The trip is May this year. So we’ve not been yet. But let me tell you, to this point its been a dream. Brian and the team at Tee Times USA  have organised all the golf, secured the tee times, got us free afternoon rounds, free lunches, range balls and given us a great little booking system where the whole troop can log on independently and pay their fees before we leave. It’s saved time, hassle and most importantly money, we’ve gained insider knowledge and a great package and cant wait to visit.

The guys at Tee Times USA  come highly recommended for any US destination and I urge you to give them a try.

See the website here –

And depending on your time of year you may find some free golf using the following link.

Tee times Home

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