True Temper DG Pro Shafts install review and first impressions

True Temper DG Pro and A-TAC GripsWell well well.  I’ve been lucky enough to have been handed the opportunity to test out True Temper’s latest set of iron shafts.  It’s obviously a risk but I’ve jumped in feet first and had my KBS tour shafts removed from my trust Titleist 710’s and had the S300 stiff DG Pro shafts placed in there.

From 3 iron to PW I can’t wait to see what these boys can do.

Initial impressions are they look great, I’m loving the double steps on the shaft and albeit completely cosmetic, I do like the vertical sticker.  Interestingly the double steps are in differing positions across the range which is where I guess they get the progressively different characteristics from.

I’ve had a new set of G-Rip A-Tac grips fitted to these and will review these as we progress also.  It’s a big dIrons With DG Proifference from my usual Multi Compounds so we’ll see how we go.

Like most golfers these days I’ve got very used to seeing low and frankly quite scabby 3 and 4 irons.  Tour feedback from many pro’s echos this feeling about my long irons.  My 3 and 4 have been in the shed for the last year and I have utilised a 5 hybrid and a 3 hybrid.  As a result I have a bit of a gap in my bag.  The 5 Hybrid flies 180 with ease but balloons into the wind and the Nike VRS 21 Degree hybrid I use has no issue fizzing along for 210+.  This leaves that 190 high flight soft landing ‘Rory Mcilroy’ style shot missing completely from my game.

This is why I’m excited about these shafts.

The Pro doesn’t stand for professional.  I’m not that good.  But it does stand for progressive.

Definition of Progressive: “happening or developing gradually or in stages”

This is exactly what the DG Pro’s do. Darren Clarke had the first prototypes of these in his bag when he won the Open in 2011.  A wet and very windy weekend where consistency, high long irons and penetrative short irons were crucial!

Having a progressive flex profile, step pattern, weight profile, and internal material distribution allows True Temper to tailor the specific playing characteristic of the long, short , and mid irons.  This provides us golfers with the ideal feel, spin control and trajectory for each of the bands of irons.  Long, Middle and Short.

Its all about those steps in the shaft I mentioned above.

true temper DG Pro Trajectory

Who wouldn’t want to hit their long irons higher, have more consistency over their mid irons and also have a short iron which isn’t so affected by the wind and still spins more.  The long irons have a responsive active tip and a stiffer upper portion promoting a high flight even with low launch and spin conditions set by the modern golf ball. The mid irons share many characteristics and setup statistics of the massively popular Dynamic gold with a stiffer lower half for extra consistency a lower spin rate.  The short irons on the other hand benefit from a relaxed grip section and a stiff tip to provide a cushioned feel while keeping the flight down and spin rate up.

DG Pro is yet to hit many places in the UK but keeps your eyes open and pester your local pro’s as they are just around the corner.

If you are a pro and want these to offer your customers, get onto the guys at Diamond Golf International in Ford and they’ll sort you out.

In a couple of weeks I’ll be providing my initial thoughts on the DG Pro performance

Wish me luck

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