Whats the right golf ball for me?

The time has come for me to reload the balls in the bag but with so many different types I seem to go from website to website each time changing my mind on what I think will be a good ball for me.

I’ve always understood that the better the ball the more the layers a ball with have but does it really matter for amateur golfers? And the answer is yes! Your golf ball needs to match your ability level and the time of year.

Golf balls fall into two categories spin and distance. In the summer you want to use more of a ‘spin’ ball to help with control around the green and in the winter you want to use a ‘distance’ ball to help combat the wetter fairways and colder temperatures.

One Piece Golf Balls
Just don’t even bother, these are the rubbish balls you get at the range!

Two Piece Golf Balls
These balls are good for mid-high handicappers as it gives more forgiveness for hooks and slices as they don’t spin as much but this means they don’t stop on the greens as well.
(examples include Srixon AD333 or Titleist NXT Tour S)

Three Piece Golf Balls
These are best for mid handicappers. These balls will help you start to have a consistent feel and control from long irons to short irons. They will have a good spin rate which means they will give you a good combination of spin and distance.
(examples include Srixon TriSpeed or Wilson Staff Dx3 Soft)

Four Piece Golf Balls
Low handicappers will want to use these balls to help pick up shorts at the business end of holes. The give great soft feel for ultimate control around the greens and have a high spin rate due to the fourth layer.
(examples include Srixon Z Star XV or Titleist Pro V1x)

Five Piece Golf Balls
The latest in golf ball design a five piece golf ball will be the ultimate in control, accuracy and distance. They give you maximum distance off the tee due to the low spin rate generated with the driver and long irons but at the same time ultimate spin due to high spin rate with short irons and wedges.
(examples include TaylorMade Lethal or Callaway  Hex Black Tour)

I’ve always used three piece (Wilson DX.3) and four piece (pro V1) balls but now I have ordered the new TaylorMade Lethal to see just how good a five layer ball really is. Watch this space for my review once they finally arrive and I get out on the course with them.

For help on selecting the right type of ball This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll be happy to help.


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