About 3 Men in a Bunker

Quite simply, we are a group of young(ish) men. One still in his 20's and the others in their 30's. You can decide who is who here! And much to my wife's confusion there is 4 of us.  We did start this golf season as 3, but our Saturday mornings were completed when Stuart joined the group. 4 Men in a Bunker doesn't quite have the same ring now does it.... As a group we share the same passion, that passion, in-case you hadn't guessed yet, is golf.

We want to share our passion with you, our readers and want to use this passion to create one of the most exciting golf websites around.  A portal for you to enjoy the game as much as we do.  A place to share our stories, provide equipment reviews, course reviews, latest products and run some exciting competitions.  With our blog we want to provide you weekly updates on all the above, but also a candid look at our golfing life.  Hopefully you'll relate to our golfing ups and downs and enjoy reading our shenanigans. We are looking for partners, suppliers and contacts who we can mutually help.  We'd like nothing more than to help your business or product succeed and be able to be part of your success.

Got a great product?

If you are a manufacturer the 3 Men in a Bunker Website is the perfect place to have your course, clothing, equipment or golf accessories reviewed.

We are completely impartial, there are 4 of us with a great spread of handicap and natural shot types, so you can be sure your clubs, courses and equipment get a very comprehensive review.  We will write a separate blog post on all items and include them on the reviews pages on the site too.  We will share the review with our twitter followers and our Facebook likers.  What a way to get your product out there.

If you would like us to review your products please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss sizes and options and we'll provide delivery address and details so you can get the goods on the way.
We look forward to receiving your products and helping you launch them to the world.  

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