Paul Froome

Nationality: Quintessentially British
Age: Annoyingly the wrong side of 30
Height: Exactly 180.748505cm (that’s roughly 6ft ¾ inches to you slightly elder Brits)
Interests: Golf, Family & Friends, DIY & Cars
Favourite Golf Courses: Celebration Florida, Wentworth's Edinburgh Course, Sunnningdales Old & New and East Sussex Nationals West Course
Best Round: 1 under
Current Handicap: 5.4
Golf Problem:  A regular (ish) hook has still been hurting.  Started with a new coach for 2017 and currently working on some major backswing changes to enable me to rotate more on the downswing.  Removing 10 years of muscle memory is tough but signs are encouraging.
Aim for 2017: Get my handicap down into the 4's and then be in position to try out for the club scratch team.
Most Likely to Say: “Sit down you little sh1t!”
Favourite Slang Term:  A Kate Winslet: A little bit fat, but otherwise perfect (see other slang terms here)
Favourite Golfer: Cant help but love the way Rory plays golf can you....

What’s in the bag

Driver: Titleist 915 D3 - RIP Phenom Stiff Shaft
3 Wood: Callaway XR Deep Strong 3 Wood
Hybrids: Titleist 910 24, Adams Idea 19 Deg, Cleveland HALO 28 deg with stiff steel shaft (a legend from the rough)
Irons: Titleist 712 AP2's - S300 Shafts
Wedges: Vokey 52 and 56 SM6, Cleveland 62 Lob Wedge
Putter: Radius Classic no 7

More About Me: Hard working, enthusiastic golf addict.  On the golf course I do like to look smart. A mix of Oscar Jacobson, Galvin Green, Bunker Mentality, IJP Design and Lindenberg generally sorts me out. I am a firm believer in looking good, feeling good and 'hopefully' playing good'.  

I work far to hard, but only with the aim to drop my days, or stop completely as soon as is possible so I can play more golf! I do a little stunt work. 

Contact Me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.