Golf Sayings

SallyHere are some of our favourite golf sayings. We would welcome any additions to this page, so feel free to contact us if you have any more suggestions and we will add them on.

A Sally Gunnell: Ugly but will run well 
A Paula Radcliffe: Not as ugly as a Sally Gunnell but will run for miles
A Condom: Safe but didn’t feel really good
A Glenn Miller: Kept low and didn’t make it over the water
A Yasser Arafat: Ugly and in the sand
An O J Simpson: Got away with it
A Princess Grace: Should have taken a driver
A Michael Jackson: Gradually fading (going off line)
A Douglas Bader: Looked good in the air but didn’t have the legs
A Ken Livingstone: Way off left
A Jean-Marie Le Pen: Too far right
An Arsene Wenger: Everyone saw where it went but you
A Kate Winslet: A little bit fat, but otherwise perfect
A Kate Moss: A but thin 
A Michael Barrymore: A long iron
A Russell Grant: A fat iron
A Gerry Adams: A Provisional (playing a second shot if you think your first is lost)
A Wilfred Bramwell: A thin iron
A Peter Mandelson: An unbelievable iron
An Arthur Scargill: A great strike but a poor result
A Son-in-law: Not what you wanted but it’ll do
An Eva Braun: Picked up in the bunker
A Saddam Hussain: Go from bunker to bunker
A Chuck Berry: (In the trees) no particular place to go
A Red October: Underwater and you won’t find it 
A Cuban: Ball needed one more revolution
A Salman Rushdie: Putt that is impossible to read
A Rock Hudson: Thought it was straight but it wasn’t
A Dennis Wise: A nasty five footer
A Diego Maradona: A very nasty five footer
An Adolf Hitler: 2 shots to get out of the Bunker  (supplied by Mr Sam Krume)
A Tony Blair: Far to much spin on it  (supplied by Mr Sam Krume)
A Pippa Middleton: You just want to smack it  (supplied by Mr Sam Krume)